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  • My level is only 47 and CPW been putting PVP level 53 many time. I use the Bigfoot to take all of them down. The hardest PVP was Dingo. His was level 53 and defence building is max out. I use my Bigfoot and kick him out of my map. Only the fifth ti…
  • I must disagree with some of you guys. I find Bigfoot are very useful in most of my victory on other PVP. When I get near the town hall, I drop my Bigfoot and they finish the job. Try it and you will see.
  • Lol...
    in Bored Comment by Tron July 2016
  • I agree with you all! Share cards is a great idea. By the way, Trever! Why did you leave Aulac? Come back and join us..:))
  • We are not HEH 2clo, we are Aulac. We are on our own. Jem is our Leader now. We need you to be back in Aulac. Our gool is 3.5m and the last event we came very close.
  • No fun playing alone.
    in Tieko Anos Comment by Tron June 2016
  • Come back to Aulac, we need you 2clo
    in Tieko Anos Comment by Tron June 2016
  • I use to have same problem as you do. Everyday when I wake up, I lost all my points from other day that I gain. I started to build better defence and learn from the success invader. From there I was able to defend my town better. As you can see my r…
    in Revenge option Comment by Tron May 2016
  • I agree that stars system should be change for more interesting and competitive. If you think about all the sport and games out there today, defense win games. Town should get one point for all fail invader and fail invader lose one point plus diamo…