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  • The issue is being investigated right now
    in Servers down? Comment by Vane April 2021
  • We have a lot of people registering right now at the same time, so the service responds a bit slowly. It should calm down in a bit. Thanks for reporting!
  • Thanks for reporting it! We are working on fixing it at the moment (and some other issues together with it) and will deploy an update with fixes later this week.
  • We have just pushed a fix for it to the live game. Could you please check if it works / shows gold in the drop table now?
  • Hey guys, thanks for reporting this, I’ll ask for this to be pushed forward.
  • The intended date was in the timer; the text in the news was incorrect, sorry. The 25 is the intended price of that call, so it went live with the wrong price but it was also missing information that it is a 2x token call. You can contact player support about it if it's an issue.
  • The update is out now and available on both iOS and Android, sorry again for the delay!
  • It is doubled @ATLAS-Z :)
  • It is 2x, lol. Sorry, we were missing 2x graphics element on it because we ran it with 1x tokens previous time, and the change of graphics didn't go into the effect immediately.
  • Behind Corners map has been swapped to Fuse Box map (from Ka-Boom! Challenge). We'll have to stick with it for this week; I know there are some players that do like it and we've got requests for it in the past, you guys of course are welcome to provide more feedback that we can address regarding it. Worst (or best :D )…
  • It's going to be 500 Beta tokens for 3,000 tokens @rogueDS , Harpoon gun won't be included in Bloomsday rewards.
  • This map hasn't been changed or touched in any way. but the map can indeed be changed to a different one, it's not the most exciting map ever. We will have a look into it then.
  • Could you please sending a ticket through the game @RealityCheck ? You can do it by holding 3 fingers on the screen for several seconds, this should open a support query window for you (it works even on the loading screen, so hopefully should work for you in your case)
  • @SPC_TORRES other types of components will be available tomorrow and on Sunday (once the timer for the one you posted runs out) :)
  • This is false, fleeing does not prevent you from losing an attack. An attack is taken once you enter the mission, and the outcome of the mission has no effect on it. If you are certain that it happened and you have videos of this and/or names of players who experienced it, please message me or Fluxxx. Otherwise, this might…
  • Thanks for the feedback guys, as you pointed out earlier, the current map was indeed designed with 20 per player / 100 per battle attack count in mind. We'll continue collecting your feedback, and, if necessary, we can still expand and adjust the map a bit more to accommodate for the change from 20 to 25 attacks (not…
  • Hi @Galex ! Could you please check if the game can be run on your device now?
  • Hey guys, should be starting from today and lasting 1 day more (til Tue). Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • x2.5 speed previously is what the current x2 speed is :) We just changed the wording as it was slightly confusing for some new players. So technically, it is still the x2.5 speed.
  • Seems like something went wrong with configurations in the evening yesterday. Thanks for bringing it up. We'll have a look into it. In any case, it should be then available again today (the small one).
  • Important announcement! Meme competition is extended until the end of this week - so the latest time when a Fluxxx welcome meme can be posted is 23:55 UTC, June July 21st. (he won't be able to see them during the weekend anyway :trollface:)
  • Yes, the Jackpot event was an extra "unannounced" addition to this week's weekend, based also on players' feedback :)
  • @DIblis your account should be unbanned, the algorithm might have picked you up by accident. After figuring out the mistake, all of the accounts that were unrightfully banned, were immediately unbanned. Our apologies!
  • For some insider info on that subject, I can tell you that we actually don't have a setting which would allow us to control the chance of getting a particular trait, neither for equipment traits nor character traits. The traits are taken from the pool of all traits with an equal chance for each trait to appear, it is just…
  • Hi guys! Gunpowder Summer Campaign has just started, here is the list of rewards: I decided to create a table for you that I hope would help with keeping up with the Campaign token numbers throughout the next 4 weeks: I listed all daily and weekly incomes of Campaign Tokens, for modes such as the Challenge and the Distance…
  • Hi, our tech team and programmers are currently looking into it. It looks to be related to outposts. Once we have more news, we will let you know.
    in Not loading Comment by Vane June 2019
  • It's been fixed now! Thanks for the report, and sorry for the confusion (again). Please contact support if you've purchased that bundle prior to 18.00 UTC June 14.
  • Over the weekend we will be trying out 7 hour cooldown timer (reducing it from 8 hours) for gathering more data about it - thanks for the feedback!
  • The thread is now closed, sorry - I think it is very... one-sided. Please feel free to send me a private message if you wish to discuss something.
  • Hey @Piggle sorry to hear it, what are the particular changes in this update that triggered this kind of response?