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  • Rosita is live as a Star Hero now!
    in Star hero ?? Comment by Vane June 3
  • Hey @WindWalker - thanks for bring attention to this topic - basically no conspiracies here, such threads are closed/removed simply because it doesn't follow the forum rules (which are not made by me either). Most of the time such threads do not end…
    in AIRPLAING Comment by Vane June 2
  • It is not! This recently released update has nothing to do with that :)
  • Hey! This is just a technical update, with some updates to AppStore. It is only available for iOS users. When it comes to the game, it doesn't change anything.
  • Thank you. Could you now please try to force-close your game and open it again, and then check if you are still seeing the same thing there in the Distance?
    in Distance reset Comment by Vane May 28
  • @RWS what is your ingame name and guild?
    in Distance reset Comment by Vane May 28
  • There will be an update regarding it a bit later, but not yet.
  • Oops! Thanks for the report guys, I've passed it on and it has been fixed now!
    in Oops Comment by Vane May 24
  • (Quote) There isn't going to be a Council level upgrade in the coming update, that's for sure :P
  • There was some kind of minor change in the building points calculations a couple of years back, or even more. Due to that, there is a 50 points difference between some camps. We always take this difference into account if any new buildings are adde…
  • It can happen when Frank (or any other NPC unlocking the box) gets stunned by a Bruiser whisperer :)
  • As WellyLuga said, some time close to the middle of June :)
  • As this weekly Distance change / reward system is rather new, the reward structure/order was changed several weeks after it was implemented. This unfortunately caused Scout gear to drop out of rotation. Scout gear will be available in the Distance…
  • (Quote) It has a chance to trigger only once per turn, @DBones .
  • Thank you for the feedback guys! I will let our team know about that.
  • We are looking into that right now. Update: our technicians are on it, there was a spike of database errors in the last 30 or so minutes. Should be stabilising right now, but we still keep monitoring the situation.
  • (Quote) I don't think this will be a part of Reinforcement Tokens functionality, only levels @Garret
  • (Quote) It's been talked about, but we don't really have anything specific in development for armor right now. I can bring it up next time to see if we can get it moving forward, which also partially depends on technical implementation, of course.
  • @WellyLuga It is a bit complicated, since it is a rather big table, where the chances depend on your level, on which "type" (regular/silver/gold) walker you tap. But roughly speaking, the chances to get Class tokens in this current Herd a…
  • Thanks for the feedback, guys! :) I will let our team know about it. (Quote) No, it is instead of XP chances :)
  • I know you guys are very curious about it and I also wish I could give you more details, but I don't really want to yet give any statements, because a) it is still a subject open to changes, b) it will depend on how much you play/progress and which …
  • (Quote) Reinforcement Tokens were intended to be more of an "elite" reward before, for reaching tier 4 and higher tiers in Guild Wars, and occasionally seeing it in the Campaigns. With this change, you will now see it a lot more widespread…
  • Ok, I can see that some things perhaps wasn't very clearly communicated on my part. Let me elaborate a bit more: Reinforcement Tokens won't be used as rewards in the post-mission crates. Reinforcement Tokens will be given out as a reward for reachi…
  • (Quote) The distribution in the game will be known once the update is live, and it also depends on your level in the game, but definitely at a much faster rate than one upgrade per half a year, for sure.
  • (Quote) Definitely! As many times as you wish. It is only limited by your current level of Workshop. Meaning you can reinforce to the same level as you can upgrade.
  • (Quote) To be honest, I don't really know, but I wouldn't keep expectations high for that. But let's see! (Quote) Hmmm, I think it depends from where. Most likely in some places like Campaigns you'd see a few tokens at the same time as one of the…
  • (Quote) No, I don't think so.
  • The individual rewards have been increased up to 3,000 stars couple of weeks ago, @Firekid, following the reports on the forums.
  • As far as I know, this label wasn't intended to be there. Perhaps you could contact player support regarding it?
    in +20% more radios? Comment by Vane May 8
  • Hi guys! I am always promoting the importance of UI changes to the Crafting interface in our team, however currently it is not a number one priority among other changes and features coming in the new update (based on developers' time and availabilit…
    in Badge allocation Comment by Vane May 8