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  • Also, with the primed armor trait now, I think the overwatch attack priority needs to be reworked a bit, so it will be attacking non-herded walkers rather than the closest walkers, in case there are walkers in range which are not herded. Or perhaps not attacking herded walkers at all might be also a solution, because it's…
 Yeah, I've seen that already, someone in the discord showed it to me, lol, never thought it's against the rules though, but never checked them either, so yeah, my bad. It's just a more convenient way to play games, I personally use the pc way more often than my phone.. :\ (or for when the phone's charging)
  • wtf, my comment was deleted. I offered to use an android emulator on pc and put a link with an article that suggests the best emulators there are.. what exactly is wrong here?..
  • Yeah, I just noticed that myself as well :smiley: Thanks! And thank you NG!
  • I've actually been thinking about suggesting something similar, also as a support item. Been thinking to write about the drone Eugene wanted to use to distract walkers away, it should've worked somewhat similar to the flare, but also show the whole map. Buuuut after reviewing that moment in the series again, apparently it…
  • As for me, why does it even exist? I personally didn't know it takes time to delete, since I've never clicked it, out of the fear I'll lose everything I have forever immediately. But, like, if you don't want to play, just delete the game, you might want to come back later on and keep playing again. If you want a fresh…
  • I've had the same trouble for a while now (about a month, maybe a bit longer), but I'm using android. What I do when I have this is just clear the cache and it lets me in. Also it sometimes restarts my phone for some reason, when I open the game.
  • Gosh I started thinking me and a couple of my clanmates were the only ones to hate this map set, especially the minefield and the rooms with armored walkers. Feels like someone there got lots of pressure on himself with the work NG throw on him, so he decided to make players ragequit and have less work needed to be done,…
  • Hmm, I think it can kinda be done similar to the new supports, while there is a hero chosen, the supports of the other two heroes won't be activatable. The same principle should be here as well, until it's clicked once, it shouldn't really be clickable but be "gray" (inactive) instead, and returns to it's gray status at…
I just like it that way, what can I do? I have to get everything "near perfect" :D You're right, it's a waste of resources and, I'd even say a huge waste, and as Gothgul from the discord server mentioned, it's going to be even more wasteful on higher lvls, the higher your hero's prestige level is, the more tokens it…
  • I'm super glad there have been some things that were taken into account and are going to be added in the upcoming update. I crossed the suggestions that were looked into. Thank you NG!
FINALLY, it took them a couple of years, but... finally... Thank you so much. 
Yes, it is really going to be a must have since you're gonna 'get charge points for not killing', which is super essential for every melee class, in fact, it's essential to any class, since charged attacks mostly inflict tons of dmg…
  • What do you mean, "if I don't want", I just said above this skill is gonna be a must-have, it's not a matter of whether I want it or not, it's a matter of what's needed and what's gonna be working best. And it's going to ruin everything that was built up so far, for many players..
As people already mentioned, it will cause people who have full badge sets to perhaps lose the conditional bonuses if they reroll strong into that trait. Also, it will be pretty much a must-have skill for EVERY melee class, especially for bruisers, but, as the bruisers are now with lucky->dodge->punish->retaliate->LT,…
Morgan is getting charges for being attacked... This one gives you charges if you don't kill a target, regardless of body shots I assume, since there are no mentions about this in the video. But anyways, I do agree, it's a weird to have it and it will only ruin the balance between the traits we already have, I…
Okay but what about the rewards? In the past half month we got used to getting rewards of specific "tiers" (depending on waves reached), since we were starting at easier difficulty, now that you've increased the difficulty, we reach way less waves than we used to, and respectively less rewards.. if you adjusted the…
  • I hope you don't mind I'll post my thread here as well, maybe @Fluxxx or @Lexia would see it and something might be added\changed.
  • You don't really have to restart the game all the time, you can always find out where the walker has been moved to, if for example your goal is to attack him, aim around where he appears to be, search the closest cells that are next to him and you'll have an option to shoot "at nothing", but you will actually shoot at him,…
  • And some more suggestions by mathbum from the discord server: 18. Help noob players (and sometimes even us), tell them what the next badge (Bonus) they are about to craft will be. 19. Display crit. dmg on heroes and survivors. 20. Display DR on heroes and survivors. 21. Show distance rewards before you jump in (also map…
Well, it won't be maxed out but it will be very close, a couple of missing % won't do the thing, but having a bit more health might make the difference between a heavily injured survivor and a struggling one.. of course it all depends on walker lvl and etc. but in general I'd personally rather have the armor they gave…
  • Partially agree with what you said, why does the infused assault armor is not like the previous one for bruisers? Having 75% antistun is sad, since lucky trait will be useless for such an armor, and, there's gonna be 5% less health for such an assault.. I hope they change it to the same version like for the bruisers in the…
Man, this sucks :( I've deleted mine like years ago.. without realizing they won't pop up sometime in the future.. I hope they bring them back somehow sometime, maybe as a part of an event, for old players who retired them..
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  • I guess it's like if one of your survivors would be there "blocking" the way for the walkers, but allowing your other survivors "pass through" him. It's kind of 2 teams, where each lets only the "teammates" pass.
I personally think that's an awful suggestion, since the gas was being bought with shop points, I don't remember exactly the exchange rate but it was something like 5 points for 1 gas or so, so it wouldn't be really a good compensation.. I had like +250 gas, and receiving just 250 shop points would be a shame.. if I…