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  • (Quote) Well, it won't be maxed out but it will be very close, a couple of missing % won't do the thing, but having a bit more health might make the difference between a heavily injured survivor and a struggling one.. of course it all depends…
  • Partially agree with what you said, why does the infused assault armor is not like the previous one for bruisers?

    Having 75% antistun is sad, since lucky trait will be useless for such an armor, and, there's gonna be 5% less health for su…
  • (Quote) Man, this sucks :(
    I've deleted mine like years ago.. without realizing they won't pop up sometime in the future.. 
    I hope …
    in Joel Comment by Versyse November 2020
  • I guess it's like if one of your survivors would be there "blocking" the way for the walkers, but allowing your other survivors "pass through" him.
    It's kind of 2 teams, where each lets only the "teammates" pass.
  • (Quote) I personally think that's an awful suggestion, since the gas was being bought with shop points, I don't remember exactly the exchange rate but it was something like 5 points for 1 gas or so, so it wouldn't be really a good compensatio…
  • @Fluxxx Can you please confirm any of the sides' arguments?
  • My friend just got an answer by the ingame tech support that the bonus doesn't influence the conditional bonus of the badge... :neutral:
  • (Quote) This is shown with my calculation of the HP badge on Eugene, with the screenshots attached at the first message..
    the badge's conditional bonus indeed doesn't change visually, it was supposed to grow from 6 to 7.2 but it stayed a…
  • Yes I don't have an IS trait on Eugene, I do have a weapon trait of tactical tho, but I wanted to make sure I have reached the 80% cap of DR with only badges, in case I'll need to change his weapon to one that doesn't have tactical trait..
    I wo…
  • Meh, the new badge crafting system is so awful, I can't manage to get anything good, and I use legendary components to craft... I guess playing without badges is going to stick with me for a way longer period than I expected since I'm not willing to…
  • I actually came up with an idea, that won't require to add annoying pop-up messages, will be really good to have it in the GW & distance modes, since they both are "one way ticket" missions..

    So, the thing is to just add a "checkbox" …
  • I think colors won't change much, since you usually know what mode you're playing.. unless of course you do a scavenge mission, then jump to play a GW mission, afterwards a challenge mission and back on to scavenging
    It would be nice to have th…
  • (Quote) Hmm, then his trait is even more useless than I thought it is xD
    If it takes it to be in the red health bar to have the trait activate, it's an awful trait.. maybe even the worst of all
  • (Quote) I know buddy, but still.. other buttons are not that important, since in challenges you are not restricted with 18 attacks, so if you miss out, nothing happens but the gas you lose, in the distance it's not as easy to "miss" as in GW.…
  • Sorry for necroposting, but I have a similar idea that came to my mind, didn't want to open another topic for that..

    How about changing his "when low on health taking X% less damage & having +X% attack damage" into "bullet dodge+ atta…
  • @Fluxxx can you please answer my previous message?
  • (Quote) Didn't really happen
    Day 1 we were 7v3
    Day 2 we were 8v10

    There was a message that players should re-register or new players should join the registration so that changes will take effect, and so we did, at least for da…