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  • Anyone who easily finish 80 rounds of the challenge every week without using Yum Yum please share some insights. Idk any of those who complain that she is too OP actually finish the challenge :). Nerf rooting to 1 per turn? Then no more root-nade-root-blast-root? Great. I feel like the flashback of the Deadly Spike :) Thx…
  • I don't think 4878 is unachievable. Maybe Stelio didn't have enough time to play. He made a perfect run till round 79 with 4810 stars. Round 80 is doable as well. 
  • Hi @Lexia. Congratz to your new position as CM. The idea of increasing chance of getting low rarity comps and frags has been pitched several times since I started playing and knew about the crafting map. Once again, I hope you and the team can look into it and provide some better solutions to it. Especially now I can't get…
  • Two questions for you @zbot: 1. Does the Bulldozer have guaranteed push mechanic with the main target like the Morning Star? 2. Is it just the animation of the gun or does it actually fire more than 1 shot per attack?
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He is doing so well in Outpost now tho :D. Joke aside, marking 3 enemies manually at every start of your turn seems complicated to me. It also takes time to do it yourself 3 times each turn (or less but still, doing it manually takes time). Some of us may say it does not matter how long it takes as long as I can…
  • In the map Farm Hands, the objective is KAW but there is a counter. There are some maps like this in the Distance, but how do we distinguish the ones we need to kill and the ones that spawn when counter reaches 0? The Bulldozer Shotgun, it seems to fire 5 shots/turn, how does it interact with Sasha's LT or Princess's LT or…
That sounds very exciting, how long ago did it happen? 
  • Compensation for something you got for free. I want one 😆
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 You make me think twice about the game right now :o
  • Looking at the reward crates, it's not difficult to realize that the only things increase when you upgrade your survivor level are EXP and tomatoes (training cost and reward). When you level up your survivors and buildings, the cost rises significantly, so raising EXP and tomatoes in crates is no doubt necessary. The…
If he could finish NM, he should be rewarded x3 the prizes you normally get. Also he will get my utmost respect 😂. 
  • @Crocodile The man thinks you are abusing reinforcement tokens on your weapons 😉. Care to elaborate? 
true, can't open your channel. But one is sufficient. Thanks for sharing!
  • @Crocodile hey man, can you share couple of your vids handling 6H with level 13 survivors? I remember you posted them somewhere but I could not find them.
Psst! Hey man, he firmly believes their only limitation is not a full 75 guild, no advice is needed 😉. 
  • The freemen was stunned by Retaliate and/or Punish, the OW attack must have been a body shot. 
  • Great, "small" guild with "high" score by "effort and strategy". Maybe we are just like abusers, no brainer at all that reached Master tier and somehow got matched with a Master tier guild with same number of participants :disappointed:. Anyhow, if I were to start new GW season in a smaller guild, I would suggest my…
yes it is actually a bug, our family guilds have the same opponents with Bronze 1. 
  • Not so different, aren't we? 
You might have mistaken the mechanic of stun by pushing. When the hit by MS is delivered, all affected walkers will first be checked whether that hit is a body shot or not, the main target is always pushed but not the adjacent (45% being pushed and 55% not being pushed with Gold Razor). After that the collision will…
  • Assault can't stun without charge attack, Hunter can stun with CA with a normal attack, adding concussion will let them the ability to stun from afar for 2 turns. And it sounds too good to be true. 
  • I find out that I always need more fragments and components for crafting. The rarity of legendary frags and comps in those gold chest is so low that I only encounter less than my total fingers after a year and couple of months. I suggest adding more epic and legendary frags and comps along with extra reroll tokens which…
I think he looks great with the new hair B). Still, a lot of problems remain unsolved with this update. Not disappointed but not so happy either tbh. 
  • Here is the link to Discord server: link
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  • Then maybe there was no space for it to be pushed and the target cannot be stunned (tank, goo, spikey, human with stun resistance)
  • Maybe, increasing the map size but not dramatically raising the difficulties. Adding in-between 41-47 more maps, more playground for middle-class players in the guild, while adding just a few harder maps for very delicate players (because not so many of them are around). By doing so, the gap between 2 guilds in which one…
Hey man, you are not alone; and even just keeping the star above 2500ish is almost a full time job for me. Ppl hanging around the forum all know you, even I haven't got the chance to visit Mavericks but I am sure you are a great veteran and team player. I expect the same outcome when taking out the piling, leading to…
While the gas cost for retrying normal missions remains the same 4/5/6. This seems too good to be true, just saying. But I like your idea. 
It, unfortunately, only applies on badges not survivor/hero's traits reroll.