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  • Bloody brilliant @TheRealSavage !!
  • Last week was awesome! I improved my PB by over 400, fought into and past lvl 30 (never done before) to 31.2. This week, well.... It’s not more challenging, its more ridiculous. Hilltop is a show stopper. At 29.1 now. The other 5 maps are all 3-star. Hilltop - 0. There is no srvr combination or strategy any more. Instant…
  • @Dingo98 You have no need to apologize! A question is a search for an answer or to initiate discussion. Those who respond hurtfully are more concerned with their own ego than giving respect to the person asking the question. Non ti preoccupare!
  • I'm positive that when I hurl after reading this thread I'll feel better! Don't get me wrong... the core game is absolutely astounding! I friggin' love it. Been here since one month after release. The programmers and design artists are simply amazing!! Their governance, however, and its business model needs critical…
  • There are SO many heroes now (and more to come) that to invent apparently advantageous nuanced traits to each one has become so convoluted that I'm sure even the programmers don't understand! Trying to explain the spider webbed combinations of actual effectiveness is like listening to Sean Spicer trying to explain away…
  • It's $7 CAN (for me) to buy 500 gold. I would need 3000 more TG than offered to buy 50 tokens, don't need a new survivor slot, and the way they've manipulated the RNG for radio calls renders 10 radios a drop in the bucket. I know there are others at lesser than end game status that may think this is a deal. Despite its…
  • No matter how you slice it, if you don't shoot the grenadier he lives. If you shoot him, guess what?... he dies. That should be worth one charge point. Absolutely agree that anything else killed by his stupidity for strapping C4 to his back is a bonus for trimming the herd so no charge points expected. If he didn't have…
  • Hey @CodeVeronicaX Love your enthusiasm! You've found the right place for advice :) As others may have posted, or may yet, unless you're looking to unlock or upgrade a specific hero (there are only a very few that are a tactical advantage), I'd recommend a 15 radio call the instant you get 15 radios. You can advance your…
  • I upgraded only 2 survivors to lvl 21. Now I get more stars than the bulk of my guild that upgraded their full compliment. Is that fair? No! Not to them.
  • @Teeceezy You're now quite obviously singling me out. Why don't you PM me and share your feelings. Thanks.
  • Really? Zzz again? Now you're boring me
  • Fair enough @Japes87 . Kudos Amazayn! No disrespect intended. It's just not usually possible to do that without major $. I always root for the underdog and respect those that have to struggle to get what they have. I don't respect a blank cheque. Not the case here, I see.
  • I wish there was one for "laughable"...
  • Yep! They chirp up to the "feel good" posts but ignore or denigrate the negative feedback (their best resource for improvement) claiming toxicity or boredom. So sad.
  • @Speeds I know! Well said! LMAO! I'm just wondering when they will decide to charge us simply to log in! Problem is, there will always be a few who will pay the obscene prices and leave them feeling validated. Cheers!
  • Seems like we're all failing to remember... NG lies. It's all veiled in placating rhetoric and promises of wonderful rewards (as long as the RNG gods are kind). Every now and then there is one lucky person around the globe that says "I just pulled 256 Michone tokens from the daily free call." NG loves to see that shit…
  • I sensed from the get-go with update 2.5 that NG would ensure there is always at least one mission that is designed to be the advancement stopper (anyone remember archives?). They say it's to keep the game challenging. Instead it's a way to keep star counts down and, as a result, to reduce their already penny ante delivery…
  • @Warlord I predict you're gonna see a reply like "just wait and see what's coming!" Ugh!, again?
  • Bugs aplenty! A guildmate of mine is not complaining. She's seen the same opponent back to back to back. Countless missions... the same guy. She's acquired over 60k TG in one day as a result. Take advantage when/where you can until they shut it down. Remember, NG can't have their players actually enjoying the game or…
  • NG thinks less is more. When they finally pull their heads out of that dark, stinky place they will see that less is really friggin' less!! Less satisfaction = less customers = less income. Duh!!!
  • Would it start with an S?
  • Spending hundreds, thousands per month on this game gets a pat on the back? I'd rather my wife and kids give me a hug on the day that the mortgage is paid off.
  • Yes, @SmittySpivey3, it appears that you are the only loser. The only "H8" I've seen here is from you. Everyone has a right to their opinion and the right to voice it. Please, take your own advice and "go now!"
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  • @Mabiki Thanks, you're right. I edited one letter in one word, too soon after the initial post I guess. It's a shame I didn't capture the text before posting because I reamed them a new arsehole! Negative, though constructive, criticism falls on deaf ears here any way. Good luck everyone! :) We're gonna need it! Ooops,…
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  • The way they have designed it, with the same poor token RNG engine, let it go. A number of my guildmates tried it... a complete waste of 25 radios. A 15 call is always the best.
  • Wouldn't you think that at camp level 61+ that a fourth bed would be added? Sorry, I forgot... it's NG (Never Gonna).
  • Just wrote a nice (sizeable!) response in praise of @Japes87 and adding my own opinions. It's been pulled! Truth must be difficult.
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  • Take the shooter! My legendary Daryl still folds like a bad poker hand.