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  • @conn good luck bud you will be missed :(
  • @DarkFae Yea it will all depend on your survivors and gear.
  • @DarkFae Sounds good. I can't promise a huge increase but I should be able to increase your star out put :) Last person I helped she was 180 an now she is doing 250-260 a week later
  • @zbot your right.. I forgot about fire... But I earned that fancy sword years ago :P @AysatyoPet Elvin swords are for orc slaying :) @DarkFae Hell yea love it. Also what level are your survivors what gear are you using :) If you want dm me screen shots I can tell you how to improve and get more stars :). Maybe I will share…
  • A last the troll emerges from beneath the bridge. Now were did I put my +3 Troll slaying sword... Gotta be around here some were... <3
  • @grimey Yea i dont binge drink often but when I do I go hard an so glad I dont get hang overs. @Lawdog Figured you were. Besides no one drinks caught syrup now try using it as a dipping sauce for your chicken fingers ;)
  • @Lawdog if you drink cough syrup or mouth wash then you are a Alcoholic. I worked with a guy who did that he would drink mouth wash to get a buzz. It's dangerous as hell
  • @grimey A hangover is your body going through withdraws an detoxing. No from from being a Alcoholic. It is the same way if you have alot of caffeine in a day. Try cutting all Caffeine out an your body will start detoxing and having with draws. But if you ween off then you will be fine. As for the 31 bonus stars that was…
  • @grimey Rofl. No sir. I'm not a Alcoholic. I drink once and a while. But when I do drink I enjoy the finer things. They just last me alot longer then most. I still have the same bottle's from over a year ago. I'm native American I know the dangers of alcohol addiction.
  • @Verbaub I'm one of those guys most people hate's when it comes to drinking. No matter how much I drink I dont have the day after problems. No hang overs. But for those who do. Soon as you wake. Take a shot then after 2 hours take another shot. It is the withdraws your body goes through that Give you a hangover. An no you…
  • @Kappa123 Hahaha I love a good Mexican tequilla :D @Lawdog Really wanna make the cloths come off. give her some Caribou Lou :)
  • @DarkFae I love tequilla :) I get really stupid fun when I have had a bit of tequilla. Don't drink the worm ;)
  • @jester ROFL.... when your tired of the spiced rum you can have straight up rum an be a Admiral :)
  • @DarkFae Oh yeah ? Wine huh. Not a fan of beer either don't like the taste. But give me a good whiskey or Scotch. *Offers up a Large Fry an glass of wine* come on over I got all the goodies ;) an they are free.... *Crosses out candy and puppys and writes Frys and Wine* ;)
  • @Lawdog <3 Brooklyn 99. We don't need guns. I have a lighter, okay, we get some hairspray, make some flame throwers. Let's fry these b*tches. @DarkFae I dated a girl who did that. We would have a disagreement an she changed her Facebook status to It's Complicated. I told her one day when she did it. It's not complicated…