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  • I got to agree with Billbam, I wake up with 4 missions left to complete the Distance and now I suddenly have NO CHARGED SHOOTERS! And through no fault of mine. Once again screwed by oversight. FJ
  • Mabiki, it's the challenge and pretty much any level. My guess is RNG is just being a dick atm and i'm just a winge. But other people have asked me too. Thought I'd post and see if anyone else has noticed.
  • Clan Forest, I apologise for raiding you 17 times in the last day, I even tried killing you and reloading the raid several times but it seems NG has dictated that we are now mortal enemies. LauraR65 is a clan member so I know some of them are not bots. Please NG, can I raid someone different?
  • @Shteevie Thanks for the response and i am truly sorry if i offended you. Honestly, i just hope the glitch has been fixed and that everyone has a fair shot at a leaderboard challenge. I did the wrong thing and i accept the punishment, i just hope next week we can look forward from this and have a straight-up, fair,…
  • @blynknz @Shteevie Because it would mean admitting that something was wrong. They kept it relatively quiet for 2 months..... I'll repeat that 2 months.....
  • @Shteevie Strange how a couple guilds didn't use it that week? Bit of inside info always helps i suppose? As always the community and i will become even more disenfranchised as we ponderously await a reply with baited breath.... I'll bet the ban is over by the time we see any sort of reply that isn't a vapid statement.…
  • @Shteevie Sorry for jumping on this thread so late but this glitch which is worthy of a ban has existed for over 2 months, you knew and did nothing. Now it has been brought to you in a way that cannot be ignored, you react by banning everyone involved in bringing this matter to the front. The leaderboards need reset if you…