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  • I had an idea for a Hershel as a Leader where whenever he uses a charge shot, he (and other survivors if he’s the leader) emits a 2 turn aura like Beth but this aura heals survivors by a % of their Max health each turn and reduces incoming damage by 40% and cannot stack over other auras.
  • I like you idea and I have something else to add to Jerry and an idea to completely rework Daryl. Added idea to Jerry’s bodyguard is he and his crew gain a hidden first strike counter perk which triggers “Retaliation” BEFORE the enemy attacks and grants a chance to take out the target before it can cause damage. Daryl…
  • Well...that wouldn’t work for me for I’m an absolute purist and its 3 stars or nothing. 😅
  • @ghost_pepper It’s a muzzle loader but not a blunderbuss. A Nock Volley Gun has six barrels that fire all at once.
  • @Danski_46 You want to know why I keep harping on about it and/or am so petty about it? It’s because I got kicked out and BLACKBALLED with several groups because I REFUSED to obey the meta and assimilate...what’s his face...on YouTube to memory! Got annoying whenever I say hello in the guild chat the first thing said back…
  • I’m never going to get used to to this autocorrect nonsense...
  • The wretched meta everyone wants today is to use the assault as nothing more then a bruiser with a gun, only used to stun and nothing else. I stick with the old school tactic with them being support in weakening mass numbers for follow up, often with a flamethrower or the light machine gun.
  • I’ve suggested a range weapon similar to the musket but with an arch shot similar to the newly added Buckshot Shotgun. My idea is the Nock Volly Gun. It’s a rifle used back in the mid 1800s by navel ships to clear the decks. It fires six shots all at once using six barrels. My idea is for the bruiser to use it both as a…
  • I’ve had worst girlfriends, one actually killed her ex in self defense...or so claimed
  • I’m probably going to get chewed out for this but I’m so used to pre-Razor I focused on heavy critical odds. If the bruiser lays a critical its an instant stun, helps a lot having lucky.
  • Just my opinion: • Chainsaws for tank busting and killing living enemies with one shot. • Winter Bows for silenced attacks and build in tactic ability to run if haven’t moved already. • The Devil’s Torch for quick problem solving and farming XP. • The Kingdom Spear, especially one with tactic and razor perks. • The Musket,…
  • @TWDaddiction I only just got season 9. Watching it now.
  • Something like this?
  • ShadowWalker I can forgive the RPG for it would be having to do a number of animation reworks. Nevertheless, the walkers are blown apart more or less. Yes...I agree with pickle jar is...a special kind of silly but nevertheless, it’s an AWESOME weapon for it stuns and is silent when used. Doesn’t add anymore walkers to the…
  • I really don’t like stuff that breaks from the traditional lore. However, I will make an exception for Rufus’s special gear for I’m a pyromaniac when it comes to games! Holiday themed stuff is...a bit silly when you think of it. HOWEVER, will NOT say no to any special costumes and/or cosmetic looks! Stuff like: • Mike…
  • It be more of a novelty then anything.
  • Looks to me like it’s Beta’s weapon of choice so it be better with his name and even be his starting weapon when unlocked. As another commenter said here, it would be the same as the chainsaw but for scouts. Charge Attack idea I have however is: “Second Wind” which just grants another attack after the first.
  • Give him Eugene’s Pickle Jar! It’s a lot better then the reckoning in that it’s silent like the Winter Bow and can stun walkers with its charge point rather then set them on fire which is a risky move unless you know what you’re doing. He seems to like it also, he’s always stealing a swag of pickle juice every now and…
  • I have a better idea for Holly Top Maggie’s Hero perk, I’m sure the majority would agree it’s an improvement! PS - The Speargun is AWESOME! Just changed the name of one of my shooters to Nisshin Maru in honor of the Japanese “research” whaling boat from Whale Wars! XD
  • NaPalm Yeah, I agree that one is way better.
  • She’s no Michonne hero skill wise but I’ll give her a benefit of a doubt due to her starting rank at rare.
  • @flyingcowking I’m assuming you’re being sarcastic. 😛 As if Bethesda and ID Games would ever give contacts out of their beloved iconic weapon to an app game. Still, it’s fun to dream!
  • It’s nice but I like my idea of Abraham’s Spaghettio’s better! Specially attack causes no damage but covers the AOE in Spaghettio soup! All walkers gather around and start eating like they just killed a survivor! Even the Undead cannot resist Spaghettios! XD
  • Here’s an example of my RPG user. Only two wasted perks is Revenge and Bullet Doge. I’d rather have Defensive Stance and Lucky. The badges are sadly inferior at the moment but I plan to replace them with better in the future. Anyway, in my honest opinion you need a hunter who has these perks all in a row (not perfect row,…
  • @Firekid Well...the main reason is because the weapon I photoshopped over was an epic Dixieland BBQ and it’s the ONLY weapon with the arm positions that perfectly fit without having to go overboard with editing. I can only do so much on an iPhone so I take the easiest course necessary and makeup an excuse for it. 😛 Oh yes,…
  • Honestly, they can just create new and unique heroes like Rufus and create some in game lore that gives relevances and even a sense of kinship. Personally, I believe the three unique survivors you get at the very beginning should ascend to heroes. Idea I had is these three can be changed to a permanent role later in the…
  • Not too long ago I posted an idea via a TWD Fan blog in making the Terimus Survivors Joel, Ken and Ann all Heroes. My reasons for this is because they play a critical role in the timeline break via TV series story and they are one of a kind in looks. My idea with Joel, Ken and Ann is to make them unique heroes in that all…