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  • Tyrese's Bug Mechanics AFAIK are related to 3 problems: 1. A second movement point is 100% allowed when survivor can enter a buff with 1 movement point then exit again immediately using a 2nd movement point. This includes the case when there are 2 overlapping or intersecting circles
 1.1. This mostly happens when a…
Dale’s and harriers and the savior are useful for both PvP and pvz. But the way it is right now, the ensnare is kinda useless. Without high powered it’s quite useless for PvP, and without piercing it’s absolutely useless for pvz so nothing interesting about it 
  • +1 2 things wrong in this picture: 1. Ensnare on non-piercing pistol. It's OK last time around on the Harrier because it's also got cripple (i.e., it cripples on normal attack, chance of ensnare or CA on charged attack). But it doesn't make much sense here. 2. I do mind the silencer. Why put a silencer on a non silent…
  • MavsOG = 1 spot open MavsNWO = full MavsNOC = 1 spot open Mavs8 = 1 spot open MavsCA = 1 spot open MavsXXX = 3 spots open
  • MavsOG = full MavsNWO = full MavsNOC = 1 spot open Mavs8 = 1 spot open MavsCA = 2 spots open MavsXXX = 3 spots open
For me, GW and Distance are more of a problem with crashes. Other modes not so much. Luckily I haven't been banned yet.
  • Update: I just updated the weapons table (Part 7)
They probably can, they just don't want to. It's gonna be far more controversial once they start adjusting VP.
  • MavsOG = 1 spot open MavsNWO = full MavsNOC = 1 spot open Mavs8 = full MavsCA = 2 spots open
  • Still BenjaminT said: 
Still sounds a bit unbalanced, because imagine that there is just 1 of these walkers. As they can't be stunned / crippled / burnt, then whatever you do, they will creep to the front eventually. If you go with all melee team, they'd eventually creep up to the front with almost all HP intact. If…
Exactly my thoughts ... Kinda need melee rebalancing with it That being said, don't forget Beth can interrupt and Tyrese can push. For GW maybe you can run Ezekiel lead and be fine with melee. But for star hero, yeah I can see it being somewhat unbalanced in Mercer - Yumiko favor
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I use lucky DCM (non tactical because I don’t have it) and the savior for Yumiko. Riot shield on Glenn to help manage another front. If you’re doing PMY then I guess as long as you have one lucky DCM it should work, but I would think the obliterator as 2nd assault weapons would work better 
  • It’s quite easy once you figure out how to freeze the walker. Notice the fence with hard corners on middle top of the map? It’s there so you can stun 5 rows from bottom and that will freeze the top row with it
It should be quite easy to reproduce. Here’s some mechanics: 1. When a walker enter a buff it will stop after 1 movement point. HOWEVER Bug 1.1 = when a walker enter a buff and can exit that buff, it will walk 2 movement points Bug 1.2 = when a walker enter a buff and can enter an overlapping buff despite not exiting…
  • Also useful for Last Stand And for some classes like Warriors and bruisers - ESPECIALLY bruisers -, they are useful also in challenge as fresh meat to replace hospitalized heroes I also won't be spending radios for them as their tokens are quite plentiful. You can even just keep cycling through them trying to get unicorn…
  • Reading what @FuriousMoldovan screen shots, however, perhaps the code applies 30% FLAT increase AFTER piercing is applied. So 60% after piercing + 30% = 90% I am guessing this is just a legacy code and should not have been the intention?
  • @FuriousMoldovan the data and videos are all summarized in the original post = the body shot rate is approximately 90% with piercing on these bullet proof walker. Clarification is the important 1st step. Even if you want to declare "working as intended", there needs to be clarification on what the intention is @Lexia
  • @FuriousMoldovan high chance of body shot = 100% minus piercing 40% = 60%. Even at 60% multiples by 130% that should be 72% not 90% The programming on the math is buggy no matter how you look at it i don’t mind the reduced damage - not exactly the point anyway. It’s the fact that the hazbul doesn’t push as advertised 
  • So for someone who don't have either actually I'd do the following: 1. Buy the riot shield or mercer axe or both with $$$. If you have both, consider the interrupting lucky MS and tactical DCM instead. 2. From the gold you get from the weapon purchase, buy the lucky lethal decimator and the morning star on BM Obli even the…
The lucky decimator is still a must have at this moment. The one with tactical is even better, but I don't have it myself, the lethal-lucky one will do almost just as good. There are maps you simply can't complete without at least one lucky decimator. The obliterator is never a substitute for the decimator. The…
There are not a lot of agreements here, but, I will try to write one.
 Similar thoughts here, but on a scale, IMO it's like closer to the middle maybe slightly to the "dud" than "game changer", therefore my vote too. But the thinking is similar.
  • Arguably there's one you kinda need. Walker Mike. You could wait, but during the time you wait, you'd probably would be spending a few hours extra and a few more tools. So, yes, sure, there is nothing that we absolutely need. After all it's just a game, and so far the devs are doing quite good job in balancing F2P and P2W.…
Why 400, need at least 500 LOL But yeah agree on this one - nothing is even mildly tempting on this season pass. Should at least throw in the reroll tokens 
I can’t see this weapon being preferable to other alternatives in most situations. For SPMY or PMY or PY tactics, it won’t beat vanilla decimator as the normal attack doesn’t mirror charged attack, therefore, won’t go through walls and metals. as Mercer weapon, it lacks piercing. in general, it lacks tactical. If you…
  • IF anything what they need to do is give fire to melee, not eliminating fire power for ranged. Like Shian's idea of burning Lucille
  • No, not really, no. Unless they change completely the whole mechanics, mixing up fire with bodyshots will make several maps (or even most) unsolvable. It's like 2 things happening at once: they are more resistant to fire, and then they are immune to cripple.
  • I don't know why you need to tie fire with body shots. The reverse of bullet proof is what we need. Perhaps walkers level 55 and above will always get built in body shots, maybe 50% or so.