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  • Such as this spawn - never seen anything like it happens in other maps. agree with @Firekid - can also delay the auto spawn. Although IMO the auto spawn is okay - I’d rather have more realistic but consistent random spawn
  • The map is probably fine. However the initial spawn is BS AFAIK in other maps - even those without split teams - you don't get spawns within 1 or 2 tiles from you. This map gives you spawn at 2 tiles away from multiple direction AND split survivor. And this happens like over 30% of the time (the other 70% is probably fine)…
  • Need silver Hazard Suit because otherwise you'll have to spend way too many health packs on fire damage Tactical is not necessary for scouts, they can hold Mercer Axe and it already comes with tactical Gold primed and gold ruthless should be the 2 gold traits
  • I posted already that NG should sort challenge LB by average stars for the past 8 weeks or so rather than the rather complex but mostly arbitrary way of sorting they are doing today
Just to be clear I am not arguing against you :smile: - just saying there are mechanics that we know to be true regarding to push mechanic. However no way for me to replicate this as I do not own interrupt/lucky MS - so if like you say it is related to interrupt and not push, then I really don't know.
  • @ATLAS-Z can you suggest this to @Lexia 
Yeah that's what I meant. The OP says "push" = this "push" does not necessarily mean interrupt kicks in. Also we know that interrupt only activates on the enemy that is targeted by OW / pretaliate. We've had discussions on this on discord on the wording of the description and consensus is that it should mass…
Yeah in fact a couple things here 1. As you mentioned, it only gets hard at the very top where you have to play 5 pink defenders. Without pink differentials, generally speaking yes PvP shouldn't be that hard. 2. Even so actually I agree with you, it is not that hard. What happens is even for top guilds - it is not…
Tell that to mavs NWO = their only loss came from PvP
This is what I said a long time ago just before they increased the RP for PvP 
Defenders are taken from all players in your guild, not just the ones playing Players with more pink stars seem to be put to guard higher islands, though I am not sure the exact mechanic. Somebody reported if even if everyone put their best survivors as team #1 and put all crap on team #2 and #3 = the best player will…
So you are to blame for the silver cripple - because you put it on top LOL Although I don't know which is better - my gut feel is silver ensnare and gold cripple would be preferable With gold cripple you can leave it on overwatch then it will guarantee to interrupt the closest walker either through cripple or through…
This also does not sound wrong. Also note that if you push anything before they move, they can still attack - and this is true for raiders and for walkers. If a walker stands next to Ezekiel for example and his LT pushes that walker next to another one of your survivor instead, that walker will attack your other…
If you are talking about a scout, this sounds NOT wrong. Since they can only hit 1, they will prioritize your survivor according to portrait order over all others, if within striking distance. That's why you should always cripple scouts if you don't want them to attack you. Same with shooters, although this is more…
Oh this is different topic, let me post it separately. Don't think banning starbound is necessary, but I do think defenders need to be up leveled
You do not need to free them. I often just leave them in struggle and exit anyway. Kind of good as distraction for at least 1 walker ...
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Did you miss the lucky armor from GW? Most people won't need the armor. It is kind of as useful as the starbound rifle as a second lucky armor. So the pairing actually makes sense. Unless you missed it from GW.
  • You turned it into a Root Beer?
I always use TG to buy survivor tokens Always ran out of TG every week if I buy 4 classes (except scout and bruiser) Now with new traits, I am even buying bruiser class and stop buying assault and shooter. Only now I run a surplus ::smiley:
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  • What? No, I got it all the time
Yeah I agree, there needs to be some combinations of things that need changing For example even at full spawn counter but say countdown at 4, Michonne + MS with TR can really get it down. Plus CE, the 2 can really get the threat down very fast. I just got my Michonne rerolled with weakening. She is already viable for…
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  • *** Last edited: 20 Aug 2022 *** Part 8: Key concepts 1. Lucky Lucky traits can be equipped in (1) survivor, (2) weapon, (3) special armors. All these lucky traits "stack" = you just add them up then multiply with the trait. Lucky traits are often very important because often there is a huge difference between having…
  • *** Last edited: 17 Aug 2022 *** Part 7: Special Weapons and Armors 1. Gear from Guild Shop, BM, TG store, etc unlocks at the highest level of any survivor of this class, which gear belongs to. For this reason, it would be wise to train up or unlock at least one survivor from the same class as the gear class you want to…
  • *** Last edited: 6 Oct 2022 *** Part 6: Radio Calls Generally speaking, the 40 radio calls are the best deals. Next best are the 25 radio calls. But obviously they all depend on who are in the calls - whether you need them or not. It's largely depend on your preference and how you play, but here are the most important…