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  • It's no coincidence that they're using "Tara and Jesus" versus "Rufus" as an event mechanics. Consider this that ALL the pre-recorded videos of "tutorials" or just videos feature Tara and Jesus doing some "silly" video about the classes. Sometimes they weren't even helpful video or relevant much.…
  • Did you see my tip on 'farming' using this week's special mission if you haven't completed the 5 trials. you can leave the 4/5 trial open to farm over and over and finish it before monday. sunday night.
  • Well you can finish off the special mission by Monday. The event is over tomorrow. So there's no rush in finishing use the entire week to farm if you want.
  • Sure. I get how there might not be enough players with Rufus. because they gave him away last year and newer players didn't get him. BUT it would be useful to publish 'stats' on how many active accounts in this event have rufus , tara , and jesus to show some sign of fairness in the event. or if it is just tilted towards…
  • As a TIP for those looking for farming results. You can use the Season 8 map 14 (this week's mission), and farm with RUFUS through the Trials 1-5. (for those who haven't finished the mission). The walkers there spawn with no level increase. just corner yourself at the exit point and kill 3-4 at a time with Rufus. ALSO- you…
  • community polls show more people are wanting rufus. yet the numbers being published for kills show the opposite. i smell something funny going on. i dont believe a shooter is farming more kills than an assault.
  • yes we know the traits for the weapons. it was posted in some other thread and announced on the tv show. (screen shots of the actual traits)
  • Yeah- I was thinking the same thing. STOP using Tara and Jesus please. and just do Rufus. If you don't have Rufus, please stop using tara and jesus still.
  • Moot point of argument if we don't know what the stats are on these weapons right? Could be EPIC terrible traits. Sure, I will agree Epic can be useful if they have the right traits on them. But epic with crappy traits will just make it completely bad.