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and in the other classes, which do you think is better?feel free to expose your ideas, here is the place where we can exchange experiences!
congratulations, got angry
congratulations, got angry
 OOWWWWWWYou did what I said!!!! too much!!!! it cost!! @lexia
@lexia Please insert more warrior class weapons on the black market!only chainsaw and dragon tongue are available to purchase for 1,000 gold or 5,000 black coins! this, unfortunately shows total disregard for this class!
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  • O MELHOR SERIA:cada vez que você lançar esses seguintes heróis (rick, eugene, ezekiel, princess, sasha e yumiko) para jogar, logo após completar o nível, haverá uma mudança para outro personagem! pode ser um sobrevivente ou até outro herói! mas poderemos usar as características do herói originalmente escolhido! =P
 Of course, I agree that it's not really worth it, it was just to make sure it didn't exist! yes, I know it was you who made the list, even taking advantage of the opportunity, thank you very much for the excellent work done! I'm translating it to portuguese (brazil)
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  • existe a lista de armas para 750 de ouro? for those who serve, here's the link with the lists...
    in New BM Deals Comment by arqbs March 31
import 57. is the only one I have!I don't have the others! I'll wait for them to rise from the ashes at the GW or BM store ***the prints are mine, (level 78)...the only print that isn't mine is from winter bow***
  • @ATLAS-Z for me, I play for became clear that if I had to buy (real money) any of them, I would buy Flaming Crossbow Pistol. I'm all ears to know more about the top 3!
  • well, here are the prints of the best weapons for snipers (so far)thanks for the clarification guys! We keep learning, towards the last levels!
  • @JayZ e @ATLAS-Z What is the best Flaming Crossbow Pistol?because there are several variations of it! if you can, paste a print, please! hug
  • let's go then....using the SPY team, what would be the best weapon order for YUMIKO? 1 - killer bow2 - winter bow3 - .574 - Flaming Crossbow Pistol what would be the correct order?
  • my suggestion is:at GW.... that in addition to the registered players, a captain (strategist) can be registered... with that he could visualize the types of phases and indicate who makes a certain phase, as if he were enlisting the player in a certain phase! good year for us!
@Lexia I agree in gender, number and degree with the words of @Verdao1914 we give this gift!
  • precisely that, the black market is working like any other mode of trading and buying in the game! and not as an "illegal market" where you get the hard things! let's release the weapons and everything else that is complicated to get normally! so that, whoever has the conditions, can enjoy it!
  • what's up guys...congratulations to all winners .... my phase is to put the cables in the cars! ( )Too bad the cars can't get over the horde! I hope you enjoyed! hug to everyone
  • • Dixieland BBQ,
• The Reckoning,
• Flaming Crossbow


do you have a print of these weapons?
  • hey, @Fluxxx all right?I was looking at the phases that will be part of the next challenge and I saw that one of the phases is mine. but you have credit to someone else ...I posted the stage on April 3rd and the other person posted the same stage on April 25th. if i'm not mistaken one of the rules was that whoever posted…
  • @Fluxxx and the result of the contest? we are looking forward to knowing who the winners are
  • Obrigado pela tradução e pelos elogios. Sobre seus comentarios: * A codificação extra é GRANDE. (acredito que seja uma codificação padrão, mas nao vejo muito problema, alias todos nos gostamos de estar jogando...e essa cena merece a homenagem! hehehehehe) * O número de turnos ou escolhas táticas é PEQUENO. Execute o passo…
  • Olá sobreviventes, tudo bem? NOME: Passando por cima OBJETIVO: Vamos acabar com está horda! Esta fase homenageia um dos momentos mais marcantes da série. É o 9º episódio da 7ª temporada (S07E09 – “Rock in the Road”), ao encontrarem com complexas armadilhas na estrada, para deter as hordas de zumbis, Rick e os outros…
  • Olá sobreviventes, tudo bem?