Okay guys now that you recovered my account can you please fix it so I can rejoin the group I was in.  It showed the group is full but when I click on the list of players in the group it shows my name still on the list as if I'm in it playing.   Please please help.   The group is Zombee Killerz....


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  • Yes please please we are all having the same problem.   Game restored but can't get back in the group we were in.  Tells us to join a group but when we look at the players in our old group it shows we are still there playing....omg this is so frustr…
  • I got the same damn message too and im super duper pisses off and angry.  I spend way to much money on this game in the in app purchase store and for them to ban us without an explanation or even a warning is not cool at all.  Now we have to wait un…
  • So you're telling all of us who lost our acct that we were banned.  I know im not the only one pissed about this. 
  • I want to know why I was banned from the game and now the ban won't be lifted until February 22 so now I have to wait 7 more days to play.  I go to get on the game and it says I was banned.   Anybody else having this problem.   So im guessing we won…
  • Hopefully you guys get this fixed before the new mini season starts.   This really sucks.  We play hard in this game.  I've done everything that you guys asked sent the message with all the information you requested so hopefully you guys can fix thi…
  • I went to play this morning and my game progress was all gone making me start back from the beginning.  I was level 24 and a leader in my group.  My name in the game is Sapphire the group is Zombee Killerz. Please help.   Please please please...