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  • Just make Universal hero tokens. That way you can get at least one hero to a hundred percent instead of 10 Heroes at 10%. Nobody plays a green hero no matter what the trait. Eat a dick Rufus
  • What would be wrong with that?
  • Fragment Friday is a great idea. Also supplies should be able to use in the store always. They might not have as much value as experience or gold but that's why we have 17 million of them..... no more Band-Aids this has to be a permanent situation one third of the game is wasted if you can't use supplies. You are better…
  • Yes sorry if I didn't make it clear gold crates should only contain those items not sometimes but all the time make the gold crates something special to see. And trade goods should be in crates.
  • Why not, Freeman in a helicopter you have to spend three turns calling in air suppor, or repair surface-to-air missile launcher. While you cover that Survivor cuz the helicopters bringing in a tons of walkers and Boomers. This is a great idea because it adds the use of explosives, the more we get to use explosives the…
  • Gold chests should only contain. 6 gasoline, four phone calls, legendary weapon, legendary gear, 75,000 experience,50,000 supplies,15 gold or 5000 trade goods. Thats it. Even if you just started the game yesterday and you get a gold crate you have the awesomeness I'm getting these items.
  • Hero mashup. Add a second hero to a group they both there's a little bit of there perk and a third hero and they all lose a little bit of their perk 3% for two 6% for 3 Heroes.
  • The best things in life are free but you can give them to the birds-and-bees I want money that's what I want I want money...
  • There is the hard option. But until you get there do your best to upgrade Maggie use her leader trait, bring some assault and do a little farming at the end. I still get those with my level 22 characters.
  • I would like to add equipment and weapon perks bar.... as you scroll through your survivors for picking your team, you can see plain as day what perks they have( retaliate Sure Shot defensive stance Etc) it would be nice to add a bar for the weapon perks and the armor perks that that character is using and wearing.........…
  • I would like to see the phones. In the show Eugene was working on radio technology before he was taking. That seems like Rick's group just never has a walkie-talkie unless they take it from someone.?
  • Here's an option. On find the supply missions if you're lucky enough to find the three supplies right away, instead of bailing and finishing the level the unopened crates will still be available to open. It will make the level a little more harder in the higher levels. But the extra crates can have experience, gas, gold,…
  • I agree there were no bugs that was well-executed. The problem I'm having is this game is no more fun it's just a chore I don't even look forward to playing. Adding new things to collect which are impossible to find and random just isn't doing it. I'm going to find a new zombie game.
  • No not like the second shot for a shooter. More like the Swift strike for Scouts. It is a trait on a weapon not a character trait.
  • I believe $0.99 and then tax is the lowest one can charge on a credit card I'm pretty sure $0.50 doesn't apply your credit card but I don't know I could be wrong.
  • Good morning and promoting just to get cheap gifts sounds real risky lots of trolls out there promote someone to Elder just to get a cheap gift log back in your entire guild is banished. Not worth it leaders 200 gold great idea
  • I do agree the suckers will spend the money to play their favorite character. But I also agree it's been deluded so poorly. I know I played a long time, I can tap on Memorial and see someone who died two years ago. And I have played every day 2 - 3 times Burnin Up gasoline using phone calls playing missions. And I still…
  • Makes me wonder anyone from NG has ever fired a gun. What's the point of having silence on a weapon if it has interrupt. In order for interrupt work you have to be in defensive stand if you're in defensive stand your weapons don't make noise so what's the point of Silence and interrupt on the same weapon. That's like…
  • Better odds getting stabbed by Merrill's knife hand.
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  • I like that idea pit fighting. Fighting your own walkers in your pit those start 10 levels above your highest level character. And if you can beat it you are pit Walker's level up? Training your walkers? But yes rating scavenge runs useless level 62 I don't even scavenge anymore or go on raids it's too repetitive no…
  • What's the point of cutting your own arm off if you can't f****** stab something with your stub that you attached a knife to. That's like buying running shoes and not running. Common Sense out the window stupid is as stupid does.
  • Love the idea. Just remember though if you do make this happen you can't have a red cross on your package. That's trademarked by the Red Cross and they'll see your ass.
  • I understand you're confusing it can be hard with over 30 survivors in an average team remembering who can do what. But when you go into combat and you pick your team right under the character you can see the traits for that person. I think this would be a great spot to also add armor traits and weapon perks for that…
  • Even if it's crappy gear, which I'm stating shouldn't be any gear at all we have enough gear. But even if wouldn't you still do it?
  • That's why I'm saying no gear. Supplies XP gold gasoline phones that's it. Maybe hero tokens
  • My swiftstrike is not working either one of my favorite treats on my leader Glen. I will see him make his move and then the Walkers make their move as they do the circle around him turns white as if he had a chance to move or attack but I didn't have that option. And he's not on OverWatch. Something is wrong
  • He's referring to having more than one piece of equipment after opening crates, tap garbage can tap the junk equipment tap sell, not tap equipment tap scrap tap equipment tap scrap tap equipment tap scrap tap equipment tap scrap tap equipment tap scrap.....
  • Aaahhh what? .... 2.99$ for full supplies Survivor slot legendary peace couple of phones and 400 gold. This is almost always in the shop for $2 and $0.99 sooooooooooooo if you think you can jam out 17 million plus supplies in 24 hours on a mythical double bonus Supply then more power to you.... but you'll be tired, cranky…
  • Seems like a waste. There's almost always a bundle that gives you full supplies legendary piece of gear and One Survivor slot. For pretty much the same price as 24-hour gas. So why would you want to grind out 17 million supplies if you can just buy full supplies.
  • A nice idea. Fix bayonets, the potential to add melee attack to a ranged weapon rifles and assaults or even pistol whip, I remember seeing Rick run out of ammo and jamming his hand Cannon right through Walkers eye and killing him.