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  • I like that idea. But I also like shooting down the horde, so maybe it won't work with that promo.
  • Also I often get bored looking at all the empty space in my camp. I will move the buildings from one side of the other often, which will make the survivors walking different directions removing the walking trails. It's like shaking up my own little personal ant farm.. take that Rufus!
  • Well I assume that you have cleared all the junk. Which by the way they should have something hidden under there but they don't. Then if you move your buildings around and utilize every space available( putting building next to building next to building) you'll notice that you only used half the camp. leaving space for…
  • Sounds okay. But you forgot to add Otis, if we're going to play with dead heroes we might as well least get some joy out of killing one of them.
  • Don't understand you're forcing someone to fight comment. That's the whole point of the taunting Outpost is come and fight me. I'm not asking people to come raid but they're going to I'm saying come raid me I'd like an option for that I'm ready. As it stands now I'll get rated 5 times in a three hour chunk. And then…
  • Also as it stands right now if someone does raid my Outpost and flee with only getting the flag you get zero reputation this should be a win. On more than one occasion I've killed two of their characters and they straight up ran away. And I get 0 reputation for that come on that's a robbery
  • I do like that idea. Kind of like a tutorial 4 weapon traits and skill traits. Something I would never think was cool so I didn't put the time and energy in. But since you give me the option to play it I might like it.
  • Try this idea split your guilt into two. Use the challenge stars from the last round to pick your teams. Highest star count is paired with the lowest star count, will be on one team then the next highest star count and lowest count on the other team, go back and forth till the Guild is split in two teams. Then on the next…
  • I feel some sympathy for you but not much in fact none at all. I also at one time started to Guild sure why not. I advertised for 5 days in a row because I got no recruits so you're getting 20 recruits regularly. Tells me that you weren't a good leader because you had to flush the toilet more than once. Set lower standards…
  • You're right I just spent the money bought a new slot put the crappy Survivor in there left them behind but yet he still in my camp
  • It's not a Deadly Mission. Just a mission there's a difference if you're in a bad spot and you're going to flee but one of your survivors is a struggle you can't just flee it tells you to leave this Survivor behind and you have to confirm your decision.
  • Ha ha ha ha ha slow down turbo, do you think it's easier just to learn from your mistake?
  • This idea already exists. I highly suggest not farming on challenge missions. If you want to farm do it on scavenger missions. You can still get to 100 kills, and you won't start with walkers five levels below you. I mean it seems only fair if you're just going to slaughter walkers they're nowhere near your level of…
  • So you think it was okay? Would you not have rather had the five second upgrade to go along with this. As I also horded most of my good gear for the year. But the event is over and I still have over a hundred and fifty pieces of gear because XP was full and things were upgrading. Hence the whole point of this post. I do…
  • Thank you for finally bringing out the spring cleaning sale 4 Double XP on scrap gear. But I've noticed it is taking a lot of time upgrade my characters and equipment 20 plus hours and I'm not going to spend gold to make it go faster. Last year when this sale is going on I was still very new player and it didn't bother me…
  • Don't even bother. This complaint has been there since day one. No one on the team is smart enough to figure it out,or gives a shit. I will go days without an attack on my camp. But then I'll log in and have been rated three times in the last hour. No Shield functioning. I'll play a couple levels burn up my gas, login 3…
  • I've seen this idea before. It's a good one, how does one get gold phone? Do you buy them is it from a golden crate? What's the level of gold one phone one token? It seems like it would be a very rare thing to get. And God knows I'm not spending any money
  • That's a great idea. Kill Rufus get 300 assault tokens and never get Rufus tokens again. You can even put his picture in the memorial because that buildings not doing a damn thing. That will let you tweak out the game the way you want to play it. Thin The Herd get rid of those crappy Heroes going to take 2 years of…
  • That was beautifully written and very well thought out. I'm very much like the idea of having the workers or civilians. If you look at your camp your team just keeps walking from building to building and they do nothing except to wear out a dirt path. I often move my buildings around just to Shake It Up like an ant farm.
  • And it is only a trait on equipment. I do not believe I come across a Survivor who has wrestling trait as one of their perks now that would be a whole different story. Maybe get Nacho Libre in the Apocalypse.
  • It is true but it brings up a good point because we all know the wrestling trade sucks ass. So how about we tweak it if you do manage to break your wrestling hold without being saved perhaps the damage from the original hit is slightly less or even half?
  • I've been waiting almost 2 months for 21 Maggie tokens just so I can upgrade her experience earned for to 40% she's never in the shop. I've never got her as a reward crate. And the other day she was the hero and I wasted 90 phone calls and got 20 Maggie tokens. It's a big f****** joke. The kind of s*** that makes you never…
  • When it comes to Guild trading I see it as more of a here's something I don't want or need. Then that item is put on a community shelf for the guild to take if they wish and if they don't perhaps after 24 hours it's in the garbage can in lost forever. That's all you don't have to buy it you don't have to get experience for…
  • I can see your point on the possible abuse but that doesn't make sense because that person would just spend their real money on said products because they're always for sale in the game. When I'm thinking of trade I'm thinking of something that's useless to me but more helpful to someone else in my guild perhaps a level or…
  • It is a very well written and your highlight points are very well on the mark. That would have taken me a long time to put together. Kudos for you you deserve a lollipop.
  • Why don't you make a poll see what people think. I believe this is probably one of the most posted ideas or suggestions.
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  • Bob tainted meat tainted meat
  • Great idea. I hope to see it come to play perhaps we can add a Twist to it. It doesn't have to be a bubble it can always be there as a mission to play. As reinforcing the wall or just in general Patrol run. No crates. Just experience for kills complete the objective or get to the end line either way. Too good way to test…