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  • Well, we would all welcome having some hunter bonus like this, but it is absolutely unquestionable that a crossbow should cause the same level of threat than a bow - end of story.
  • Yeah, I would also take a silent flaming one, but you’re right that it would be more realistic to have only weapons silent that neither use bullets nor flaming stuff, so if the harpoon could be silent, I‘d take it too... :) But yeah it would be t…
  • To warm this up, I really think that especially with the advent of a threat reducing shooter bow now, it is totally ridiculous that other (especially hunter) weapons like crossbow or flaming crossbow or maybe even harpoon still cause threat. Just ta…
  • I would also suggest this. Since last council upgrade I always finish up the distance PERFECT, with no loss. It's just becoming pointless to (re-)play at all as a maxed out player, considering the rather lousy rewards of mostly hero tokens or shitty…
  • I‘m playing a for a top 10 guild with a guild family of a total of 5 full guilds. We are doing switches based on challenge stars. While many of us like the new guild wars format in general, we have some players that are BIG WEIGHTS, regularly doing …
  • Haha, I would really laugh, but I actually wanted to play gw, so pretty pissed tbh. Had myself prepared to kick some ass but have been locked into this map after like 5 battles. Can neither complete nor flee. Only managed to produce this kind of mix…
  • I have just played for the first time today, just as our guild played for the first time. Did not sign up for any other battle, but got only one key left. That really sucks, being our strongest player. No one else has only one key.