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  • Thats why i had all these damn kids man!! They're shorter to the ground and have so much more energy than i do. Lmao
  • Oh @Pig i tried to leave a hint for the explanation of it in part 1. Haha im sure if you listened close enough you could hear it ;)
  • Had me looking like a damn Tank in the game hahahaha
  • I think we were all excited to have a weekly bonus match the challenge haha. Great job to all the players able to participate! @Pic and I would like to thank @Putchuco and @WeekOne for involving Mavericks Family in the coop guild. Along with all the players who absolutely killed it. I know a few of our players are F2P and…
  • Never used an auto farmer, or any other cool thing that came out in the game. Thought the reckoning was a cool toy while it lasted. Refused to do the double TG glitch as my load times would be greater than the time it took to play a outpost misson. Made a bad decision in using the star exploit, and wont be experimenting…
  • You act like while we were doing the glitch we were chanting #1 or something of that nature. When in all honesty were just laughing at how stupidly easy it was to boost rewards with no mission cooldown. I personally had 921 stars coming out of the cooldown event and i ended the week with 921 stars also. I also sent Zbot…
  • So I've been informed of atleast 5 players who admittedly used this glitch who weren't banned.
  • So im to believe NG had no clue the reckoning was being used excessively and even after the sale of the legendary version took them two weeks to "be notified" of the no bodyshots and fix it. Yet from Wednesday the 25th of January were made aware of a glitch and in that week tracked all glitchers from that week and any…
  • I'm not gonna point fingers and blame anyone but myself for getting banned. My guild, 100% responsible for any who exploited the game and was banned. My issue here is that this last week is the only week being looked at for a ban. So if you've known about the exploit and have been doing it "within reason" of course,…
  • Part of me just died reading this...and i really hope I don't see a phone event show up in the next few months. That type of thing would ultimately be the biggest slap in the face by NG thus far.
  • 100% Marketing ploy to sell a bundle with a legendary weapon everyone wants and then go back and nerf it the following week its sold. Very few would have purchased the weapon the way it is now. NG had 4 weeks to fix the "glitch" before they sold the legendary version. So for them to go ahead and do it after it was…
  • @OneLessTitan bro, you're reading my so ready to let my eyes bleed again farming phones
  • Question and recruiting are separate posts...but opening end of mission crates, wall walkers, Trade Good market, Guild Rewards, and last but not least story trial missions 3-5 offer 30 on completion
  • 17 phones, also on my alt he has collected over 75 gas and 8 phones probably 1300 walkers.
  • Up to 10 phones well over 1000 cleared.
  • Seriously 4 phones on my first clear and 2 on my alt without a gas boost. I'll check back later...
  • I'll probably end up buying a gas boost both days and farming anyways. So with it not giving gas while on a boost it will be interesting what drops.
  • @JayZ That maybe, but i remember seeing alot of people saying the same thing. Not to mention daily I get 1-5 phones from the wall so its hard to say with 10× the walkers at my wall i only managed to grab 3?? I'll take logic over speculation good sir.
  • Over 1 weekend Herd event i collected 150+ phones. The Birthday Herd Event that lasted what 24 hours? I got a whopping 3 phones.
  • I dont think random is correct. Every drop is at a % haha its not random