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  • I did the normal twice, and I thought I had everything else. But I only ended with 208. I got the TG 8 today and another 10 for today's quest, so I am currently at 226.
  • I suspect the rare RPG is a consolation prize for those who don't use gold or cash in pursuit of summer tokens. We'll get more than the 800 it costs, but probably not enough for the legendary RPG.
  • If my guild reaches 6500 stars, that's what I will have. A cap is okay with me, but we shouldn't have to depend on others to reach it.
  • Only 116 here, well below the necessary daily average. I've done everything that offers the tokens so far, except guild rewards. My guild sucks with guild rewards, so I'm not getting any there even though I'm a top star earner there. I hope the distance allows us to make up some. I will be really disappointed with the game…
  • Same here. I play a LOT. I haven't missed a single day since I started playing almost 2 years ago. I go as far as I can every challenge, I complete all quests every day, I scavenge, I complete season missions when available, I've completed all chapter missions. I really don't see any way I could achieve more in this game…
  • I've been busting my butt these last few days trying to get the daily minimum and it's not working. I guess we'll have to wait and see how many tokens we can get from the distance. Hopefully, the RPG prize won't be limited only to those able to complete the hard distance and spend a lot of gold to repeat it.
  • okay, thanks. I thought I might have missed some when the sneak peek mentioned season 3.
  • Room Service (season 8A, mission 2). I detest that one. I also don't care for the missions that have buried walkers.
  • The RPG weapon sounds awesome! I'm already training my Daryl in case the RPG level is based on Daryl's level. I just hope the summer tokens (which I assume will be used to acquire the RPG) will be available for all players no matter the player level or skill. It would be unfair if the required amount of tokens could be…
  • Maybe they wont be so bad with 3 survivors. The worst map to me is the one with all the rooms you have to open. It was impossible to get through without getting hit because you used first survivor's turn to open the door and the second survivor's turn to kill the first walker in the room. Then second walker inside the room…
  • Damn it, I hated those season missions. They are the worse. These challenges are going to suck.
  • I like spike. Sometimes, if you kill him in the right place on the screen, he'll start flying around.
  • I want to replay chapter missions, so I'd like to see those maps incorporated into the challenges.
  • It's happening with me too. It seems to always happen with the Gillette Clear Gel ad. This happening with the boxes at the end of a mission, not the camp tower. Restarting game doesn't help. And even if it did, we shouldn't have to restart the game every time we watch an ad to get unlocks.
  • Thanks! That answers it. :)
  • I'm having the same issue, too. Just fyi.
  • How come Nick gets to say poo but I got reprimanded for saying bullcrap? :/ Wth, Kaz? This whole thread is poo, poop, crap, and shit but I can't say bullcrap?
  • I'm a high level and I almost always get the 12 challenge quest. I often get a 6 scavenger quest with it. That sucks up a whole lot of gas.
  • My quests (when I have these three at same time) is usually 6 scavenge (6x6=36), 12 challenge (12x4=48), and 4 any mission (no gas, since other missions cover this). I'm looking at 14 hours for gas refills. That would be fine for someone playing morning and evening, but I can rarely playing the morning or afternoon. Most…
  • I rarely get the 12 any mission quest. My any mission quest is almost always less than either the scavenge or the challenge quests.
  • I didn't count the any mission quest in the gas. That quest, when it is less than either the challenge or scavenge quest is pointless.
  • I didn't count the 4 missions for gas. Just the 12 challenge (12x4=48) and the scavenge (6x6=36). The 4 mission, being less than the scavenge quest or the challenge quest is pointless. If the 6 were challenge (or scavenge), the 4 were scavenge (or challenge), and the 12 were any mission, that would leave players with some…
  • Incendiary is great, but since an upgrade a couple of months ago, fire causes a terrible lag. It has gotten better since they applied newer upgrades, but there is still some choppiness with fire missions, and incendiary weapons just make it worse. Also, I don't think you get a charge if the walker dies from the fire. I…
  • Please get rid of daily quests that require a specific hero. I've trained up the heroes I like, so its annoying to get quests that require me to use a hero I haven't trained or I don't like using.
  • Wth? The last couple of days I keep getting ads with no "x" to close them and the back button won't work. I have to close the game and restart to clear the ads. They don't seem to be freezing as others have complained. After sitting through the 30 seconds or so waiting for it to end, the ads just don't include an "x" to…
  • Sometimes blindly going as far as you can right or left will give you some breathing room. Check which is clear by dragging your survivor and see if path goes red or stays white.
  • I really wish challenge missions were not a part of the daily quests. I used to enjoy going as far as I could the first 2 days of the challenge, then use weekends to try and squeeze one one or two more rounds between other missions. Now, because of the quests, I have to limit the rounds I play the first two or three days…