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  • So now what's the evil-doers (oops.. I meant the data analysts/marketing department folks,sorry for the typo!) next move? Can anyone predict the next step to patch up relations and soothe the masses? My guess will be the corruption, it's such a nice tool to quell revolts.Maybe throw a couple great bundles or free stuff to…
  • Also a case of loyalty versus efficiency. NG could have gone to any of the dozens of long time players that are proven game video creators and actually might know a thing or two about the game to showcase the new hero concept instead of someone who is clearly not a real [walking dead] player and who is thanking [NG] for…
  • Ahh we have value as long as we pay! Anyways, imo the way this works is that as long as google play store game rating is above 4 gaming companies have pretty much free range to do whatever they want.Butcher the game,screw the carefully previously crafted balance,change it to a universally hated system..whatever..they have…
  • I accept that not all updates are targeted at players like me. So this time [Next games Oy] chosen to upgrade the royalties and the rich and famous players but not the peasants and plebs who like to financially support the game in a more reasonable fashion. Fine,so since 2.0 update is not for our sort when will the other…
  • I find this bundle meets my need since I don't have a good assault weapon and I am still making calls so I will probably buy. Having said that I can sympathize with the OP if he wants the weapon but not the phones.It's frustrating being forced to choose between what essentially and in his (legitimate) point of view are two…
  • I liked the update and I can write about what I enjoyed about it just the same as anyone else that hated/disliked/disagreed with it can write about their point of view and express their feelings about it. And no they dont have to show any appreciation whatsoever unless they genuinely feel that way and I doubt the morality…
  • The plan for the ultimate most perfect experience gain fix is for us to buy booster every week,non_stop,forever :smiley:
  • Well if the lightning gets fixed maybe we should keep a few missions/challenges dark and label night missions. It would add some variety I think.
  • The game is brighter and looks better than before imo,I am on an S6. The experience increase is a disappointment I expected much more significant change than a just minor boost specially since the tents have not and probably never will be fixed.
  • If the new 1.9 AI is trully much better than before,we might need this .
  • The XP booster cost will be the deciding factor for me,hopefully it's affordable by most. I am not sure if I really like the AI improvements,sure it will make the maps more challenging and combat more interesting but it might also cause too much downtime at the hospital between missions.I guess we'll find out soon enough.
  • For some odd reasons I couldnt get 3rd party image hosting to work correctly maybe because I posted from mobile.Anyways here is the 18th lvl axe I got.Crossing fingers the attachement unlike the image hosting will work this time.
  • Great bundle,we need more of these. I deleted my only scout and bought the bundle.The retired scout was low level 12 nd so with no scout survivor at all I pulled this:
  • Experience by the millions is easy for players exploiting 7.4 and 9.3 via bluestacks or root macros.Once that's fixed then they can rebalance the game for the rest of us legit players.
  • I understand that "value" is an extremely subjective concept and that each one of us is free to decide what the term actually means but spending more than I should on so many different games and knowing plenty of other gamers with similar spending habits as mine I feel qualified to offer my perspective as what I am fairly…