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  • I'm using this option only because of the festival of crap that comes from all other choices, 7500 for gold gear will be mostly lvl 17, occasionally 18, 500 gold crates are about 60% lvl 16 green gear that scraps for 3000. My lvl 19 guys don't need lvl I6 green gear, at this point I'm just playing for stars. Still haven't…
  • I hope they do nerf luck, I've basically given up on the game already and another nerf of purchased items means I'll be able to dispute weapons purchased with luck on them
  • null How else do you think they will get us to spend 3k tg on 5 phones
  • Phones are far too expensive, NG is obviously not getting it at all, wallet firmly closed. They must have given up on all of us over lvl 40, and are looking to rape a new batch of suckers.
  • Rositas is interesting, only because drops on good weapons are non existant. Carols is crap. Not rewarding their bad behaviour
  • I've been buying boosters weekly, weapons when they are awesome, spending around $30-$50 a month, $0 since this crap hit, expecting us to pay literally thousands of dollars for upgraded heros is bullshit. I play to empty my tank, spend gold i get to refill it and refuse to even soend $2 on a boost I am also disgusted with…
  • The idea of the heros is not what has everyone upset, the price and resource is so far out of touch with reality that everyone i know playing the game, except @prodj has not spent a cent since the update hit. The only action the mods seem to be taking is to mass stealth ban anyone complaining, including the @prodj.
    in ATTN MODS/DEVS Comment by dwen July 2016
  • Ok, here's the best idea to keep everyone satisfied and I'm going to give it to you free ... it'll keep both nubs and elites happy, lead to more effective play time and more people actually spending cash on the game. What I want to see is the ability to scale quests up and down in lvl to make the zombies and rewards scale…
  • Mod edit: zbot 4/7/16 10:51 am. no discussions, if you would like to discuss, post in the existing discussion thread or feel free to start a new one. The purpose of the thread is to have a list for support.
  • Noone I know irl or in my guild has gotten anything, at this point I have no proof a warm body got anything from this huge bug in the game that stole cash from players
  • So ... I think I've been more than a little patient, the only response I got to this was, the generic automated crap, I posted 10 responses and got nothing. Support has been pitiful
  • Hold your breath, I've been waiting a month for the promised rollback compensation, no real person I know got anything, guildies or rl friends playing, loosing faith in the support team
  • Ign dwen Lvl 37 First reported herehttp://forums.nextgames.com/walkingdead/discussion/6096/fix-your-bugs-and-stop-stealing-our-money#latest Submitted in game report 3/14/16 Only response looked automated on 3/16/16 I started replying again 3/27/16 Issue no compensation
  • After spending over 300 radios last weekend and getting good zero legendaries and zero hunters I'm not about to buy more radios. I did pull a legendary scout the week before that cost around 100 radios, but lost it to rollback a pallooza, still no refunds
  • This was the kind of response I was looking for, we'll see if I'm satisfied with the resolution or not, I really did not expect actual refunds the same day. Anyone expecting compensation for resources or time in a free game needs to pay more for their drugs, but when the currency items are immediately spent and what you…
  • I didn't see the in game ticket, will look harder, and the closed post above does help. It's bad enough loosing time and progression, but when the currencies disappear it's a double whammy
  • I've lost over 1,000,000 badges tonight alone
  • Are you **** kidding me, 7 resets tonight ... I had my baracks upgrade started to be done at 10 am tomorrow, every time I grind it out and get close to it again I'm reset back to Friday night!!! edited for language ... dwen
  • I'm not as patient as my guildie, if I do not have some kind of response when I get home from work tomorrow I'll hit you were it hurts, with a review on the playstore and a dispute for the money I spent since you've stolen it from me by deleting what I spent it on.
  • I do notice our guild's gone from near the bottom of the US to top 30 without really gaining much in our score, so you also need to take a good hard look at how many people are just uninstalling the game due to piss poor management.