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  • I hate this star hero thing.. especially with my baby account when I have to desperately upgrade that weeks star hero because I haven’t bothered previously due to them sucking.. and I don’t want to buy gold.. I spend a fortune on my main account and wanted one free account but that’s impossible now.. but I suppose that’s…
  • WOW! Terrible news! Slayer was one of the original great players and I loved being in a guild with him.. Sad news indeed! 
    in R.I.P Slayer Comment by enigma12 May 17
  • I’m nowhere near a high level player and don’t know the ins and outs of getting there but changing the weekly challenge with an end where multiple players get the same score defeats the purpose of the game. I really enjoy seeing the leader table and the different scores and notice players who have a good week scoring well…
  • There must be more Aussies out there who play the game and we would love to meet more mates! 😂
  • @zbot Because I can’t access my game I can’t contact support but the guildmates whose account I can access has put in a ticket. I think I need to speak to someone privately and not here because it’s too public. I just wish NG would get back to my guildmate and let him know what’s going on and if they have looked into my…
  • @SCBMA You don’t share passwords etc. NG can easily check to see what I bought and who got it and I only had access for a minute, enough time to buy the gas booster and pack. Yes, I keep posting because I want my account back but if it doesn’t happen then NG will loose thousands of dollars which I spend. Maybe it will be…
  • @SCBMA Not really... I wanted to buy a guild mate a gas booster and a pack for being so helpful.
  • @zbot Thanks so much for getting back to me! I really appreciate it and know you would be busy!
  • @zbot I have the same problem and have lodged a ticket with Ng. The problem is my son set up my iPad linked to his phone and accounts so game centre is in his name. When I initially began playing no man’s land, I created an account with my email but can’t access it due to everything being in my sons name. I’m panicking at…
  • I had the same issues and I use an iPad. I thought it was caused by fire using extra graphics or something like that. I don’t know how to put it in tech terms but the graphics for fire may take up more space. I don’t know, just a thought.
  • @Jaden It was a suggestion as many guilds had problems. When our guild points problems out we reach out to see if other guilds experience the same problems so everyone can find a solution. If one guild has a problem and NG can fix it, then every guild who has the same problem can get it fixed. If we don’t point out…
  • @jjjj4473 Our top scorers, who are in the top 50 in the world, don’t get the scores others get because of their internet speed.
  • We had our best player locked out and lost 3 keys.. we lost entire battle scores and NOW our best people are scoring 0! The game is really screwed and infuriating! I lost 3 battle scores last war and I was not happy!
  • @MFJigsaw I feel your pain! NG should scrap last weeks GW’s and start it again! It’s the ONLY way to be fair and just!
  • @DrUnpleasant I meant restore GW’s not the entire game.. which is possible.. like EVERYTHING else, if the organisers of any event stuff up and the scores are totally wrong, they either scrap it entirely or replay whatever it was. What’s the point of perpetuating totally wrong scores when the scores are the only thing that…
  • @TJS I understand your point but it should be possible to restore guilds points if NG bothered to do it! @sbf Only provided the proof because NG needs to see what’s going on and after establishing the fact, with screenshot proof, other guilds should be able to register a complaint and get it fixed.
  • It’s good that the majority of players are happy with the compensation but for me it doesn’t cover the cost of gold I bought to heal. I am a terrible player and use a lot of gold to heal so personally the compensation is useless to me! The entire aim of GW’S is to work as a team and score but when our scores are ROBBED…
  • Just restore everyone’s game to prior to last weekends disaster if they can’t show the correct scores! Personally, I will be infuriated with some insulting ‘compensation’ that doesn’t come close to giving us back what we physically lost!
  • @Stelio Fantastic job! You are a legend!
  • @Kaz AOS lost 2 GW battles scores which members of our guild have screenshot. They screenshot everything by the way! I’m sure other guilds did the same so I’m wondering if these can’t be used, if absolutely necessary, to help the restoration of accurate GW points!
  • @Kaz Please don’t insult us with some ‘compensation’! Just restore the correct GW scores. I don’t know if you realise how much it costs for someone like me who is terrible at playing, to get the scores I do. I bought gold to heal, gas to play etc.. so the battles we lost cost me a lot! All I care about is the scores! But,…
  • @Kaz I understand not naming people but could you please specify that GW’s was not involved.. Some people are inferring AOS was or must have been involved in cheating and I am beyond furious because nobody in our guild would ever think about cheating because we value the competition too much and play with honour. Some…
  • Great job to my AOS family! It goes to show what a tight knit family can do! We didn’t swap people and more than half of our family are FTP but they did do the distance and made a great effort to get gas! I do suspect there may be other guilds that spend money, but after reading a few comments, maybe not! 😂
  • I’m old and not a gamer so this is my one and only forum, but would like to know what forums are used for? I thought it was aimed at people getting together and discussing a game and sorting out any issues along with helping each other.
  • @Kaz Thanks for that response, it’s greatly appreciated. We are not boycotting NG, just the gas situation. Guild Wars is the greatest thing NG has done and I for one, love it so thanks so much! The game allows lower level and high level players battle and brings guilds together more than any other aspect of the game. I…
  • My guild are supporting the boycott on GW gas expenditure! While I appreciate other opinions, these opinions are missing the point. There is no other way to get the point across that GW gas is outrageously priced and FTP and cash strapped people are suffering. It costs me $14.99 for 25 minutes of play and if anyone thinks…
  • @Kaz My heart goes out to you! You are doing a great job and I for one love guild wars and don’t think much has to change!
  • I never got that message even while GW’s was on! That’s weird!
  • Guild wars is the best thing NG has done by far! I do understand the gas problem and FTP issues but other than that, it’s fantastic. It brings guilds together and it’s so much fun fighting together which is different aspect of the game! I don’t understand the critisim of time zones and getting people together when that’s…
  • We have people all over the world and I’m in Australia and we can organise a 7 member team so I don’t understand the issues. If people aren’t motivated then you won’t get the required 7 member team but to blame time zones doesn’t seem an issue. We don’t have 7 people in the same time zone and you couldn’t get a more…