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  • Ah - okay, the overlap between events confused me. Thanks ShadowaceAz Yeah, make them run faster!
  • If gas refills remain at 1 min rather than 10 min: 1. Gas rewards from chests or the shop feel like a penalty. 2. The investment players have made in upgrading the Mission Car feels much more like wasted resources. 3. Events and purchases that reward infinite gas for 24 hours have greatly decreased utility. 4. Recovery…
  • Maintaining a connection has been a consistent recurring problem for years. It doesn't matter what the player is doing. Intermittently the game interface darkens and "reconnecting..." text appears in the middle of our screens. The only way to recover is to force quit, close out the application, and relaunch. If gameplay…
  • Perfect. Thank you zbot.
  • 9 Mission sample size (8 Challenge, 1 Supply) 27 - Total Chests 16 - Chests were affected by Governor == 59% 11 - Chests were not impacted by Governor == 41% Yes, I understand that the RNG of chests change slightly if you do more supply runs than Challenge missions, but realistically that's most of what we've been doing.
  • Fish in a Barrel (Level 21, Round 3) - Governor 10819 - Mission Kill XP 2 Bronze - Chests Impacted by Governor 10800 - Governor Chest Value 1620 - Governor Leader Improvement (15% bonus to chest value) 14606 - Mission Kill XP if Maggie was leader (35% bonus to kill xp value) 3787 - Difference of Maggie's XP Bonus (-2167) -…
  • About 33% to 50% of the chests you open will be something that the Governor's Leader Trait does not improve. That needs to be accounted for in any calculation you make when comparing XP or Food farming. Even if you're only killing ~9 walkers per mission, the loss of the Governor's bonus on a large percentage of crates…
  • DLich: You left out part of the Governor vs Maggie or Glenn calculation. Players will also get crates that have Items / Gold / Radios / and now Crafting mats. These crates generally receive no bonus from the Governor's trait. The frequency at which players acquire non XP/Food crates that are also Silver or Gold quality is…
  • Will there be crates after each stage? That is - will the new Governor's "Only The Best" Leader trait be usable in this game mode?
  • Speaking of charges: Will unused weapon charges persist between rounds in this new game mode, like health does?
  • Granted @tallinie, it can be useful in that situation. I should have thought of that circumstance. Still though - it's a bit of a niche need. For most players, this was a pretty yawn-worthy event.
  • The upcoming weekend events are posted on the official Walking Dead No Man's Land Facebook forum usually around Wednesday afternoon.
  • Even for players that *want* to utilize the 5 second upgrade weekends, there is no way to stockpile enough experience to utilize this more than what... twice? 5 Second Upgrade weekends are like hitting a Whammy in that old "Press Your Luck" game show. They should be removed from the rotation.
  • I timed my Update Gift (XP Kill & Gas boost) for a weekend day where I could focus on churning through missions. It was also a double XP mission weekend too, which was really useful. Then I used some of the gold I had hoarded to push the timer whenever I started a 21 to 22 character upgrade. This allowed for multiple…
  • It's Shooter week and I have a shooter among my 8 level 22 survivors. The 12.5 TG shooter items available so far this week have both been base level 22.
  • Excellent. Thank you!
  • * Gabriel 32 - Warrior 32 - Assault 32 * Abraham 32 - Glenn 32 - Warrior 128 * Hunter 32 - Dwight 32 - Warrior 32 * Tara 128 - Bruiser 32 - Hunter 32 * Glenn 32 - Hunter 32 - Glenn 32 * Bruiser 32 - Assault 32 - Morgan 256 * Abraham 32 - Warrior 32 - Shooter 32 * Sasha 32 - Hunter 32 - Hunter 32 * Eugene 32 - Shooter 32 -…
  • Oh well. Thank you for getting back to me though.
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  • It looks like your designers were already ahead of this one. Well done NG!
  • Online forums are a wretched hive of scum and villainy. As any forum mod veteran might tell us, the loudest voices are not always the most accurate ones. :)
  • @Captainslayer A weekly Michonne boost (or any other hero the player doesn't have yet) would still be paired up with increased chances to get tokens for that hero from all radio calls and chests. I would absolutely be just as excited by a Michonne week, even though I don't have her unlocked yet. Eugine week would…
  • @Captainslayer Compared to 50% extra damage on Assault or Hunters, most hero traits are far less effective for pushing high level RSL challenges, but we don't get that every week. This week we have fire walker challenges paired up with Warrior damage increases! How useful is that? By contrast, 3x a Legendary Daryl's Silent…
  • I understand your frustration. I just burned several hundred radios trying to unlock Michonne with no luck. Still - completing the early season missions would be an excellent opportunity to award tokens for those specific heroes. If those awards are limited to that venue, there's no dilution to other methods.
  • The part where they keep adding heroes from the show is going to happen anyway. At least this way it's done in a pretty cool way.
  • Spring Cleaning was WAY too short. Last year during the Spring Clearance event, players were lower level and it did not take as much time to train survivors or upgrade equipment with the XP generated by scrapping old gear. At level 21 however, each upgrade occupies the Workshop (21 to 24) or Training Grounds (20 to 21) for…
  • For those of us on the Pacific Coast: 9 AM UTC = 2 AM PST Reset your trade good shop by taking the freebie no earlier than 7:01 PM PST tonight to trigger the restock after the 2 AM start time. This way you can return to the shop four times during the Tuesday 24 hour activation Period: 2:01 AM PST Tues 9:01 AM PST Tues 4:01…
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  • Let's say that NG resolves this situation and the rate of increase for well equipped Survivors goes back from 15.0% to 17.5%: Players will still experience a reduction of challenge star earning potential during transitional time while players acquire and upgrade new gear. That is a process that can take weeks or months,…
  • That was some excellent data gathering and analysis. For players that are pushing the limits of each week's challenge, upgrading from 20 to 21 will be more difficult. However, Challenges are not the only activity in the game. There are additional things to consider: * Outpost offense and defense is easier if you are level…
  • Or bypass the third piece of equipment and allow us to directly swap equipped gear between survivors.