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  • I'm ain't holdin my my breath it's the worse response time I've had from the many games I play
  • I sent many tickets but they figure 15 phones are satisfactory game got to big to fast and they can't handle the fuck ups
  • 3 legendary survivors after spending a small fortune to get them and throw them away on a deadly that I thought I couldn't do grow up
  • Lost 3 legendary 17 survivors cause the god damn game crashed and I get a goodwill gesture 15 radios ya broke your god damn heart there
  • Message I got after two weeks
  • I've been waiting since April 7 th ,I sent multiple tickets with no response only these moderators who tell you to submit tickets ,you must have to send 15 or 20 a day to get a response I guess.
  • That's how they get $$$$$$ why would they change it there pricks
  • That's a crock of shit you lose your Suvivors from an error on your side cause of game crashing and ya can't replace them and then send out a bit of gold and a few radios that's no where close to what you actually lose bullshit it is ,guess it's great for you guys
  • If I had to lose them by my own doing I'd deal with it but three of my best that I worked so long and spent a lot of coin to get them where they were to and gone just like that brutal
  • I wasn't even playing I went on it crashed then I got that message when I reloaded the game
  • Amy Johnny and Jeff three level 17 legendary upgraded Amy was at max but the other two weren't I've had them quite sometime Amy being the longest ,it happened Friday I went on my game crashed when I rebooted it came up and said I lost all three but saved equipment I haven't noticed if anything else was lost besides the…
  • Yes it was an in game support request that I sent Friday when I went into the game I had a message lost Suvivors I hadn't been on the game to lose them it was 3 level 17 legendary hunters,I've never took a chance with them unless I was 100% sure I could beat a challenge, lost to many when I was first learning the game .