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  • @JAG Regarding the workshop: I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5. As to the fire pit: I find it useless and they could light it up when we have a message or have it be a menu to choose the others things from or just put outpost on our map. Answer Challenge icon should just go away since it is always first thing on map anyway.…
  • null @eryncat2000 I only made it through by having two hunters aka long range. I just did the food grind, built, and explore missions until I had enough radios to call multiple times looking for a hunter. Deep will happen:)
  • GAS = no down time :) (unless you have a life) I haven't been on the forum for weeks due to the level of complaining. And what happens when I come on to find out about gas phenom, complaint right out the gate. :( Somehow I swiped the announcement when I was farming and never saw it...thought my tank had frozen at…
  • @Teeceezy I couldn't wait to take my bundle. Game wouldn't let me save for later. I only got 800,000 in tomatoes due to not enough storage. I think it didn't work right for everyone. I'm still glad for the bundle though and appreciate your hard work.
  • Anyone noticed how creepy some of the survivors look? Your Susanne is horrible looking and I have a guy that creeps me out every time I look at my survivor profiles. Even got rid of him, killed (I wish) then pulled him again on a survivor run. :)
  • @TUCO that picture of Eugene suited up just looks wrong on many levels...lmao...he would be my sacrifice every time when fleeing :)
  • @bus I got a level 13 from running the nightmare and hard modes. When I saved the survivors in those episodes they were higher than my original team. I can't level up yet either due to being stuck at council 11, player 27. I just keep making food runs and building to level up so I can eventually train my peeps. I really…
  • Never mind ; ) @zoson and congrats on the win. Seems I'm know how you see something all the time...well in the beginning I didn't have enough gold for more slots so started ignoring the words. Now have plenty of gold and radios :) Seems I have way to many radios now...168...since I wasn't using my slots…
  • @Zoson I watched your Free Them video and noticed you had more than 6 survivors. How do you have so many? Do you have to buy slots with real money?
  • @zoson thanks again for the help. Normally not this stupid but I get so into getting through missions and I'm not doing enough exploring of game to deduce some of these answers. Every time someone answers one of my airhead questions, I want to smack myself with a "I knew that"! lol.. :p
  • @Headhunter I saw a wiki thread in general forum but it's hard to understand their formatting. Maybe someone should copy paste all the good info off these threads to a wiki...lots of good advice here
  • @Necron99 where is the delete button for a mission?
  • Thanks for the info @zoson. Are you trying to explain these characters are melee survivors?
  • @zoson said: Especially if you're smart about saving your videos to go after golds. What is this about videos? And I haven't spent any money either. I just go on missions for food and kill a lot of walkers on these same runs to get XP. 2 birds with one stone. Need XP for survivor upgrades and food for building upgrades.
  • The 2 times I got this challenge I deleted and got new ones. SlayerSect what did you mean in this statement? How do you delete and get new ones?
  • @Headhunter What did you mean about exchanging that "no kill" quest for something easier? There seems to be some hidden game play rules that others know.
  • null I've tried with 2 hunters and bruiser...2 hunters and shooter...2 hunters and scout...etc...I'll see if I can do a screen shot to show at another time:) gotta get ready for work.
  • Thanks for trying to help. The problem is I can't even get to the point of even securing the area because there are too many walkers from the get go and I'm over run. I try to take out the armored from beginning but am contending with 10 to 15 regular walkers in start zone. I'll keep trying:)
  • Haven't spent a dime...just earning through game play.