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  • I just want to mention: Same Happend here. Warehouse lvl 38 with more then 6 days left disappeared. What I want to mention too: at first it doesn’t show up only for me. After I restarted the game it was there again. So I though it was just a random bug. Now it doesn’t show up for me and my wife.. we already wrote the…
 Don't worry, I will make it easier to understand: First of all: it seems that my guess was right. My coins output dropped like hell and it seems that there really need to be some adjustments. As Sierra said, I feel like I am a total new noob player cause I don't get enough coins per day to upgrade my cards as usual.…
  • I just found some notes in my archive and will do 
some more math ;) I got my last rare card (hero) on the 6.12.2021. What I don't find are my notes regarding perks and weapons, but as the heros are the last thing I got full, this should be okay for this example. On the 6. december 2021 I had 281.660 missions completed…
Maybe, but they also added a cap for every bait. So I don't think this should be a problem anymore. And also this wasn't the official reason for the social cooldown.
    in Cooldown 3h Comment by fumpi May 2
  • I also miss the zero cooldown. The main reason of this cooldown was a better balanced gameplay as it was announced on reddit. But what was really happening is, that the community broke kinda apart. It is now really hard to recruit new players since you can't help befriended groups anymore. I also miss those event groups…
    in Cooldown 3h Comment by fumpi May 2
  • Hey, since nobody answered, I will do my best. Do the following features work? Yes, it works. But it will decrease only 4 levels. So if you ever attacked a mission with lvl 39, your minimum is 34. My PPL is 29. Let me check this. Please call us your 5 strongest weapons and hereos. If you double check your powerlevel (and…
  • Besides some microlags, the update 18.1. seems to restores the gameplay from before 18.0.
  • Hey @NG_Filipe did you already have an idea where the lags came from?
  • Nice - so it’s not on iPhone only. Thank you for your respond!
  • Sorry, I forgot the whole description: It lags when: - you want to click on a mission (3-5 seconds delay) - you want to change weapon / heroes (3-5 seconds delay) - when you want to enter (same delay) Simple said: it lags when you want to play..
  • Same here.. some guys get it, some not… in German we have a phrase for it: “Einmal mit Profis“..
  • You are kidding right? last weeks rare ambushes also count to the board. It would be okay if you said „hey, it’s an issue we can’t correct in time, but next time it will work“ would be better then your „explanation“ here. It’s very sad. 
  • Can confirm this on 41.3… please fix this
  • I can now start a mission, but there is only one surv inside a rescue mission…
  • I saw the exact same issue with one of my teammates. On Board 20.3 makes over 600 inf. battles with a lot of points, but this points weren't in the internal group leaderboard. (Side Note: Another reason why this internal leaderboards are not this, what we are asking for…)
  • I find it a bit curious that NG didn't reply on my last two threads… 
  • And I am still asking myself.. what for loot?
Totally agreed. I don't understand, why NG doesn't respond here. And another thought: There are those Alexandria players with access to the beta. Are this players either players who doesn't play much and don't understand, what the playerbase want, or ignores NG their feedback too?
  • Hello @NG_Filipe, any feedback from you or someone else from NG would be very nice…
  • The simplest way to fix this fast is to calculate each tile point in energy (which is the only currency besides time..) so for example: Rescue Mission, encounter - each one point for each specific walker killed - one point for each infestation or raider base round 3 points crates… maybe one point each ten. With such a…
  • First of all… since yesterday I saw 3 Legendary missions. If you understand this with "Increased Spawn rate of Legendary Encounters" then good night. Nevertheless… on those 3 Legendary encounters i got on one two legendary cards. So I don't feel any difference. When I understand you correctly, the other mission rewards…
  • oh… they only messed up the thing with the 2 energy - you will get the double cards…
  • Yep, but only the start timer, the end timer seems to work correctly (there is only 1 surv -.-) @NG_Filipe
  • So lets update my old math with the new hereos: Thought this information should also posted here (it's easier to find): let us take a deeper look in the percentages of the best doubler teams: without event: 0,85x0,85x0,9x0,9x0,9 -1 (best team and weapon with double coins) ~47,3% chance of double coins 0,8x0,8x0,85x0,9x0,9…
I am not Miggz, but what makes it so "horrible" is the fact, that this "offer" will only help some players who are already at cardbreakpoints. When you see, that you still need like 400 more legendary cards, this offer is okay, but its not like you can call it an event. An event for me is something where I can grind…
  • I understand that they have to find a balance -> if they offer more than this small amount of cards, low level players get a huge boost, but this also shows the issue of the card collecting: at first it is very easy but after you reach the 200 mark its very hard to level any legendary card.
  • Well... thank you for 12 Cards. Now I am at 56 from 400. Felt like a bad joke :-/ 
  • Feedback regarding group rewards: For most players it is not possible, to get in ultimate, so they will not get a "good" group reward. But for Most is is possible, to get in champion, so i would suggest to get already some legendary cards as group reward in champion and more in ultimate. Thank you
  • I like this feature and I really don't know if there should be a cap for granades or not. As this feature counts to the board, granades are very helpful, but on the other hand if you only look at your personal score and not your group, there should be a cap. Because of this dilemma i like the idea of @"Анунах" to cap the…
  • I really understand what @JZom say. It might be not really fair when such special missions count to the boards. I didn't see the screenshot you posted, but from what you wrote it sounds unfair. But on the other side, Nextgames need players who tests those new features. There is no other benefit in playing such missions, so…