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  • @vicsark i hope it is okay if I mention you on my calculator: https://powerlevel.twdstats.de/en/index.php It now outputs the official minLevel and your more accurate calculation for the min level. Thank you for sharing your findings with us. Best regards
  • This is great! Thank you guys! I'll add this to my calculator as soon as I can.
  • Sorry for making trouble, but then you should write this into the calculation post clearly. I mean a lot of ppl, not only in my team, use this formula which you gave us to calculate their min level. Don't understand me wrong: some of them are happy to still see lower missions than calculated, but they are still wondering.…
  • Well it look likes i know all those 100 people. Other example, same team: hereos: 239 / 231 / 231 / 231 / 231 weapons: 303 / 263 / 263 / 263 / 260 PPL: 24,6625 should see 18, sees 17 My own ppl is 25,05, so I should see 19, but sees 18 as well.. so the calculation is mainly wrong and an accurate calculation of the PPL is…
  • I also talked to Filipe today cause we have also an edge case in our clan. PL 23,1 should give you a min easy from 17, but our "edge case" sees 16 as well.
  • @"Pain Walker" where do you get this info from? A way to level Legendary cards faster is a great to hear! 
  • It's nice to hear, that you have the ability for a compromise. As you may see, a lot of players are now a little bit happier. But as you can see in your own annoncement video, the speed is now not the same. As I suggest in my last thread, 50% initial and 10% per stage seems to be a good compromise because you have 100% on…
  • It’s not the fact that it is a bug, it’s the fact that this bug was great. And now they are telling us „sorry, we grab your cash and time and leave you disappointed back“ there must be a better way, a way like a compromise which is okay for both sides. The way Filipe tell us „sorry“ is.. not a useful way. Filipe, NG, if…
  • First time you said the cane work as expected. So now you say this was a bug. As you see this „bug“ was the greatest thing you‘ve done and now you are ruined it. My suggestion if this was a bug: Buff the cane so everyone is happy. Maybe not on 100% on level 1 but eventually 50% on level 1 and + 10% on each level. See it…
  • Well... you made the best Card in the Game now useless. As I mentioned before: develop a toggle so everyone can chose their speed. And: make the cane great again! (I want the superspeed rabbit back!)
  • It feels like supercharged and in our team we have different opinions about that: "The younger generations"-opinion: "Great, the faster the better" (this is my opinion too) "The older generations"-opinion: "Where is the break? As there is no way to make both happy (decrease the speed, increase the speed..), there is (in my…
  • A member of our team asked this the support. The answer was: once a card is upgraded, there is no way back. But: I don't understand why this is to fast for some ppl. You have the possibility to hold on for a moment and check the missions around you. Best regards
    in The Cane Comment by fumpi September 2020
  • Works perfect, thank you for your fast respond!