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  • Fixing Airplane mode and removing zombie cap in challenges is the best thing that could happen to this game. Yeah doing it mid challenge with half a day maintenance is not the best way as some people were already in farming mode while some was under 20 but its really small price to pay for fixing game that was completely…
  • So I make this post and next day they remove cap on zombies and remove "the-thing-that-was-moderated-out" from the game... :P
  • Now THAT would make your wife mad :)
  • @blynknz @RokuPDA U guys are missing the point there. I mention "it" (its been moderated out now) as one of the things that must be fixed as it makes TG worthless. I have mentioned "it" here long time ago just after Outpost was released to raise awareness and get it removed from the game. I don't know what level are you…
  • What i don't understand is why would you introduce increased legendary survivors when the game is broken. Fair enough maybe shutting the game down isnt the best idea, but why giving people a chance to get something awesome when it can be brutally taken away from them. Its potentially creating even more frustration during…
  • No, i don't know weather the stars were removed from his personal score. I only know they were removed from the guild total. And to be fair with support probably still snowed under millions of "ZOMG I HAD ROLLBACKZZZZZ" tickets, by the time they answer those 150 stars wont matter... I really just wanted to know weather…
  • His stars were removed from everywhere. Guild leaderboard score, Guild alltime total, Guild challenge and also from the rewards screen We just hit the 4200 reward, and then after i removed him we went to 4050 or smth. We didn't made it to 4200 again so i dont know if we would get another reward or not.
  • The guild is Trinity and player name was Numlux. He was at 157 when removed about 3h before end of challenge. He then joined Trinity 2 in the break between challenges and was instantly showing as having 171 which makes even less sense... I do not know if that 171 was added to Trinity 2 total or not. I assume not since it…
  • This was an issue before but is not the case any more. Only first 20 players that earn stars for your guild will count, Swapping someone in the middle will not earn you stars from new person. Thats why losing stars from someone you remove now makes no sense
  • Yes at lvl 20 they are 22. Always 2 lvl higher. Nothing that can't be handled though :)
  • Well idk, a year into the zombie "invasion" i would probably kill or a good porn and a smoke
  • Isn't outpost useless in general though ? I mean don;t get me wrong its great feature, its fun and i believe lots of people play for leaderboard, but for progress it is completely useless. You get enough trade goods from guild challenges to get at least 2 legendary crates per week. And on top of that with little patience…
  • Interesting. I could keep my unclaimed rewards to next challenge no problems. Has this changed recently ?
  • As much as I am happy to agree about new exciting gameplay, on the bug front things its going downhill. Every time something is squashed a new bug arise where things were perfectly fine. And the bugs are getting worse. Right when we get a word on this forum that rollback issue been fixed i had another one. I lost in total…
  • How is this fixed if i just got rolled back to progress from Saturday night. Lost day and a half... over 70 stars, 500k xp, upgrades etc. Heard other people reporting the same just now. Not a rant but just suggestion. Maybe its time to shut the game down for a day or 2 and get it fixed? Will surely do less damage to…
  • Oh wow its so much worse now. I't rolled me back to BEFORE the last rollback which was last night. I went back in time almost 2 days. And it happened just now literally 10 minutes ago so nothing is fixed. I lost 500k xp last time and went from 238 stars to 208. Grinded the xp back and went all the way to 268 stars. Just to…
  • I don't think its fixed. I had a 5h rollback just now. Its my second one with previous being +12hours....
  • Yeah i made a post about it while ago. Upgrading 17-20 legendary item cost £88. Makes no sense