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  • Nothing wrong with paying and supporting game devs
  • @Neil_J , pretty normal. Ive had the ocassional gold ticket tomato from watching vids etc
  • I concur, profanities and all
  • Would love to get an black suit skinny tie costume... I name all my shooters after reservoir dogs characters
  • Am i crazy or are the rewards the same as without the event?
  • Yes it completes no walker quest
  • I actually agree with this. Prices create a bottle neck and will thin the community over time. Best thing to do is to keep people playing and sell us cosmetic effects. Id jizzz in my pants if they had cool stuff like glowing weapons or cool costumes
  • $3 is not an investment into anything. You can easily go to starbucks and buy a coffee for around that price. Let the money go.
  • Games like this need to create bottle necks to string people along. You have two options: - use man hours in dilligently waiting and slooooowly upgrading - use money to make it fast. I personally think this game model burns people out quickly And slowly wears down hardcore followers over time. Its the reason why games like…
  • I had this happen to me in real life. When i was younger and living at home, my mom would randomly throw away clothing of mine that she felt looked too worn. As an adult, now my wife throws away random clothing of mine she feels is too worn and sloppy In both situations, it would always be random... Would never know which…
  • Since writing this post, ive had a bunch of other incidents where im aiming and when i release to attack, my guy ends up running towards the walkers and ill get mauled. Very frustrating
  • I hate you cuz i aint you
  • I mentioned the option of having a confirm button...would help to have in higher lvl areas and deadlies, where slip ups cost you everything. In lower lvl areas, its not bad and can deal with it. Just slipped up with my assault survivor on the gate escape challenge. Had him aimed to mow down a pack of walkers and at the…
  • I agree, having more walkers helps father supplies and experience
  • null null The raider damage is overtuned and bruiser is useless unless you use their overwatch, it stuns all similar leveled raiders with their overwatch. In fact, any challenge with raiders is probably the easiest, you can do them without getting hit
  • Dont listen to these noobs who poo poo on bruiser... Their overwatch skill is solid and when paired with a +1/2 stun duration weapon, theyre invaluable for some maps
  • I bought a legendary screwdriver that has a max lvl of 8, wont be making that mistake again with this one unless they fix item levels...no point buying an item that will be useless after a few days of playing
  • I jist started playing over the weekend and love this game! I have a lvl 7 survivor as my highest, any idea what the bundle lvl will be? Its a drag that the item levels have such a low cap, makes them disposable, useless and pointless to buy for noobs