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  • My game still has not been updated at version 2.10.1. I wait this update for crashers game. In USA the game is updated, but in Europe when release this version fix 2.10.1?
  • My game worked perfect until updating game v 2.10, but after i updated the game, it crashes from 2 minutes to 2 minutes. I done these steps: force stop, clear cache, but doesn't working. I am on OS Android.
  • Android platform. This bug appeared after version updated 2.7 .
  • After updated game version 2.7 and played a first misson random i have this visual bug. :( But i had all survivors face until to play a mission random, but after finished a mission i had this: Cleared caches, forced stop, reinstalled the game, but again this visual bug. Please fix it.
  • Thanks very much for information and link, Lighfeet!
  • From table result you so more penalized at survivor lvl 22, even lvl 21. You spend so much time, XP, TG for searching gears lvl 24, 25, but you cannot to have more stars than 2 survivor lvl 21 & 1 surv lvl 20. It's need to remove this stupid formula with 2 survs lvl x+1 & 1 surv lvl x because they have stars saved/kept,…
  • Daaamn! I don't agree that players with survivors lvl 20 and only 2 survivors lvl 21 have 106 stars bonus, but players with over 3 survivors lvl 21 are penalized with 106 stars.. Players with 2 survivors lvl 21 use same damage and health as players with 3 survivors lvl 21, buuut 3 survivors don't have 106 stars as 2 survs…
  • I was a player which i was doing 1000 stars club weekly. But now with more bodyshoots and heal time longer, then moore resources and time spent for survs 22+ them gears lvl 25 for to lose 76 stars on RSL 20 2 rounds. Aah, then drop rate very low phones in challenge and ohers type misions, not phones on 5/5 trial done. I…
  • Mod edit: zbot
  • What? You steal me 76 stars on RSL 21? After upgrading 2 survivors lvl 22 you steal me 2 rounds on RSL 21? :open_mouth: I lost 106 stars on survivors lvl 21 and now will lose others 76 stars on survivors lvl 22?! I upgrade : 2.000.000 XP for upgrading survivor lvl 20 to lvl 21, then possible 2.500.000 XP upgrading survivor…