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  • Since you asked...I stuck around long enough to see if they would follow through on any of the past promises to fix the economy. Upon seeing nothing actually fixed and only a continuation of the same "pay us for it" trend, I UNINSTALLED the game. Done. Have a good time guys.
  • Go click on your name in upper right corner of page to reach your profile. Then under Reactions click on Disagree. It will show you every thread someone disagreed w you on. If you hover over their avatar, it will say if that user Disagreed or Liked or whatever.
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  • nevermind...i realized you guys mean supply runs not story missions. post deleted.
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  • ok well...I have a buttload of reading to do for my new job and and I keep getting distracted by this game and the internet. It just sucks so bad not to be able to finish the game so I can quit in peace. (and thank you for keeping my edited post to yourself, if you saw what I previously wrote ;) @masmith93 )
  • @masmith93 Well...i never built my Outpost, because I saw how everyone was having problems. So it's hard to complain about something that I've never played!
  • @masmith93 ...but....but....we're not playing Outposts! :'(
  • @NCDawgFan NICE! Question, though. Did you have any problems with the bug in the scene? My civilian Curtis went and stood right on top of my hunter just before I could have beat it in the same place your Big Stick is. I couldn't use my hunter because Curtis was overriding him. If I had only been able to make the one last…
  • @NCDawgFan You and I are about in the same place, except I'm not all maxed out. I'm in no rush to be. I don't care if I ever am. It's pointless, when all I want is to finish NightMare 11.
  • I've run out of rage. I have rage exhaustion. Doesn't matter that this event is of no use to me. Really not very many of the others were, either....
  • There are still some people here who are helpful. Even I try to help people, but I don't have as much experience as other board members, and often people cover the bases well pretty quickly. Honestly, outside of some things I didn't know about (eg farming, which I learned too late), the best thing I got out of the board is…
  • They are making money off of us all, whether we willingly give it to them out of our own wallets or whether it comes from advertisements. I'm not concerned if they "owe" anything, but they are obligated to deliver what they claim, which they have out and out failed at many times over, not just in ftp v ptp, but even in…
  • I kind of wonder if you are right about the timing of new episodes, @GreenBalloon. I won't be here by that time, whether I finish what I'd like to finish or not. I am going back to work soon and definitely won't have time for this. In a way I am glad to be in such a demanding/high stress field, because it will save me from…
  • I've only spent 3$...just so I could take advantage of one of the weekend events, and I regret giving them anything. If you got super lucky and pulled some amazing high level survivors early, good for you. but that is not the case for most of us. I have just a handful of the story missions left in nightmare mode. But the…
  • We're not talking about add-ons and extras. We are talking about the game's economy, central to the function of the game, and totally necessary for every player to be able to deal with. You can't screw that up so bad that the game becomes virtually unplayable without purchasing gas, supplies, etc and still claim you are…
  • They only increased them by a tiny, insignificant amount to make it look like they did something good. If people *think* they are listening, then they will complain less. It's a basic (and misleading) marketing strategy. In reality, WE ALL still have the same problem. Giving me an extra 500 XP for a mission did basically…
  • I wish everyone would realize that they didn't fix the economy, they only found another way to profit off of it. It's really not good for any player.
  • Here they are. Google is a wonderful invention.
  • Well. I wasn't going to say anything so I didn't jinx myself, but now that there is no more death to be experienced personally in NML, I will admit to also being a member of your club. I will have to figure out how to post a screen shot... maybe this evening.
  • I need a "I don't care" option. I don't really bother with Deadlies anymore, unless I choose one on a whim. After I finished the 500, I just didn't see a point. All those Deadlies I played, and I never really saw any better rewards being given, so why risk my people that I worked so hard to find and upgrade?
  • I've also noticed it is different between my personal stats section (the one you can get to through the messages envelope) and the listing that pops up along with quests (bottom left corner). I think it is because I had earned some stars before I started my own guild (not really interested in guild play, just did it for…
  • @smokva Wow, that must have been really irritating. I was disconnected some, but not anything nearly that bad. It does seem like it has gotten worse again. My big problem was that every time I was ready to draw 3x3, my chests were almost always empty the first couple days. I was getting less during the event than I do on…
  • ugh. When will I learn that adding a comma is not worth the double post that editting creates....
  • @piffolomania Thanks for the suggestion. I might look into it. Actually, I am really happy to be so close to my own TWDNML goal and to know that I should be walking away from this game really soon. I know I get not really addicted to the game itself, as many say, but more like obsessed with completing a goal. I like to see…
  • Also totally not true. I am not the only person here who reported only making around 2 Mil.
  • Actually, I played it full advantage. At some point you guys need to admit this game is pay to win.
  • @zoson You only need to start the upgrade within the event, not finish it. And I only got maybe 2 to 2.5 Mil out of the entire event. I can store 2Mil. A single upgrade is costing me 700K to 1.1Mil right now. So, your statement is completely untrue.
  • @zoson That's not even close to true. All I would have had to do is set off ONE single upgrade, either survivor or weapon, and I could have continued collecting and never came close to maxing out.
  • @shabba Seems reasonable to me. They did not list Story missions in the event announcement. Only XP side missions, Outpost, and Challenge missions. And then, they, of course, promptly ended the Challenge, so that could not be used. There was a lot of confusion due to NG's failure, not yours. Of course, some of us are…
  • I wouldn't call it the greatest, since it seemed like mine didn't benefit me at all until Saturday night and Sunday. The 1 min gas event and the hoard event were both far better. But I think I managed around 2Mil. I needed a lot more, but Friday and most of Saturday I was actually making less XP than normal to average XP.…