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  • Nope, wait for @WastelandDan to post our roster up and add the star total. My current experience with SOCO is that they give credit to their players. They don't "Farm stars" by having 40+ players pooling stars together into one guild.
  • This is the reason. Everything plays together. Don't forget, there's also quests that add Stars too.
  • I've given up on doing guild challenges for rewards (I do it for stars in hopes to get to the high score only now). If I need stronger weapons I go to farm the deadly in the highest episode I can. Until they fix the rewards, this is the best way to get stronger equipment. GL
  • Hey I never said they were equal... You've just came up with all that arguing stuff yourself =S I just provided you what you asked for lol! Btw, I buy gold in support of the devs and in return, use it for skins. Not help me win. @Headhunter thanks I appreciate your discussions, same to you too @zoson. Even though sometimes…
  • First: Screen shot us your warrior and his weapon. Second: Don't get mad at the player, get mad at the game. What you need to work on is how to adapt to what you're dealt. My warrior is the only significantly strong survivor in this lineup that does real damage, the other guys are utilized for combination attacks -.- And…
  • I understand your struggle, however all you really need is to have warrior with 350 damage at least. That's all that really matters. I never took damage in those screen shots. Items are easy to find in the idea that you only need damage. Sorry I was not clear about that. Anyways, this is a tip on how to position so that…
  • Items are easy to find, I just choose the traits for my survivors, like my bruiser. My scout weapon was given to me from NG for the glitched weapon before. I only use him to soften up the enemy for my bruiser, and get a kill if bruiser stunned the armored walker. Warrior weapon was the best find yet, but as long has you…
  • I remembered that there was a bug when I would overwatch my bruiser, and then he would not retaliate. Idk if it's still the same...
  • TY i know, but it's a struggle trying to get XP atm for me... I am mostly using it for the dmg. (check him and my warrior out in comparison! imagine if I did upgrade the weapon lol!)
  • YES! That's it! hahahah!!
  • Yah, this is probably why I prefer my legendary melee team over my ranged team. I got these guys from my first 200 radios. Then I tried again when they did the "increased epic/legendary" pulled 2 legendary shooters. Quite lucky with the survivors, but still would not hold up good if I didn't have decent weapons.
  • If I try the level again, it's too difficult and I can't get the extra 2 stars. So if I gain only 1 from it, and can't beat it anymore, I just don't come back. Unless I have extra gas later on. Here's my lineup of the legendary 3 =D Scout Bruiser Warrior
  • I was fortunate enough where my lvl 12 warrior can 2 shot kill the 15 armored walkers. So I was able to take my 40th star when I stumbled into that arrangement. Then my bruiser just aoe stun the lvl 16 armored walkers. If that should happen, I usually just flee and try again (I really want the exctra 2 stars lol!!).
  • Now we are back to prioritizing which items to upgrade =D I liked it while it lasted. Hoped it stayed...
  • Very true. I'm just speaking from my experience at high stars i guess =S
  • I like the set reward idea IF NG fixes the "guild star farm swapping." In a way so that should someone join a guild, they are locked into that guild at the beginning of the event until the event is over and rewards are distributed. Leaving and joining guilds are only during no event period, where they are free to move in…
  • Please forgive me as I had failed to screenshot my team =,C You're just going to have to take my word that I used the same team. Just an FYI: walkers 4 levels higher than your survivor (12 vs 16), even while stunned, is guaranteed body shot.
  • @aysatyo I'll wait for your 37 star screen shot. I've not been able to use hunter past 31 stars effectively, let alone my assault does not have near the damage of hunters. I'm just more comfortable with having my warrior and scout clear waves for this map.
  • Thing about the assault is that they require 3 kills and also they don't have enough firepower to counter its own threat that it creates in trying to get those kills. Additionally... It's a 1 turn charge stun (next turn no more stun) instead of auto attacking stuns that last 2 turns.
  • Hi @Teeceezy jump in for some thread SMITING =P
  • It's understandable that equipment are based on your Player level, but what's bugging me is the fact that the rarity of the equipment is not better or higher level is even a guarantee as we increase in stars. I'm still getting majority level 9 items, where my workshop can already upgrade lvl 11 -> 14 equipment.
  • You could just have a survivor go into struggle mode, save them, then end to gain only 1 star, and then continue doing 3 stars as well.
  • NICE! These new improvements and visual updates look very sleek! (The previous looked very dull...) I love the redo old missions!! SO NICE!
  • Hmmm... Smart! If I was in the zombie apoc, I'd def make a giant hamster wheel and toss in a zombie to just try to come at me, generating ELECTRICITY! All the while I observe how long it takes for them to die...
  • Take your time NG =D I am still enjoying my 5 second workshop =P
  • Nobody said anything about unlimited gas =S At this rate, I have enough gas to play the game throughout the week strictly on challenges and then maybe have 1 day of rest from the challenges (just the weekend day where guild challenge is down), and I top at ~36 stars a mission. By that, I am spending near 100% of my gas…
  • The star represents how many you've collected so far. You can get a maximum of 3 stars per challenge you do. However, there are certain requirements for you to get those stars. 1 star = No injury 1 star = No struggle 1 star = Finish mission If you fail one or the other, then you will lose out on those stars. If you finish…