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  • It was an honor to play with you, and it is a huge pleasure to see my guild among the top in the world. It takes enormous teamwork to achieve these results. Thanks again to all my teammates for this great result
  • Break every war !
  • > @Galex said: > I can’t understand why the team can’t compensate for the attacks for the absent players, since matchmaking is so cool, if the opponent’s team has 1 player more, then the first team just need to give an additional 18 attacks, …
  • > @Taker said: > (Quote) > @karlino Things are becoming more interesting. Could you please show all our participants? You can cut out all private and unnecessary information from screenshot if you like.
  • > @grzechExp said: > (Quote) > @Vlad_UU You've been victim of what I spoke with Fluxxx about. > When this war started both you and la fenice were Ranked Silver III. > La Fenice made their roster completly and is not touching it no…
  • > @Belgarath said: > Huh, that is weird... I am in the opposing guild, was wondering why a top guild like you guys had no activity yet... > (never saw so many 4-5 pink hero's in boss fights) what's your guild called? what score did yo…
  • my favorite song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2ci4WAD2zo however, even in my opinion, those who accuse others of cheating are actually the first who cheats.
  • I fully agree with you , except on points 1 and 3. For the rest, they are excellent ideas As for the ranking, one should implement a weekly for the players. Because the existing one shows only those who have been playing for a long time, no, who is …
  • > @DoTak said: > @karlino > The reason why your interrupt stops working against the higher level zombies is because you are getting a body shot against them. A body shot is a weak hit, doing only half damage. They happen randomly, but th…
  • > @David_H79 said: > @karlino it works as long as you don't make a bodyshot. > The more pink stars your survivor has, the later you start body shooting. Until I do a bodyshot? what do you mean? > @DoTak said: > Also @karlino …