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  • Yup same here same player over and over.. We have to hope to get an easy opponent... ;-) so game update is worst than before about that...
  • just "Super" ? simple is better
  • OK Thanks I'll try to look closer into that. but as someone say on your thread @gespuer we more and more look like bug hunter and unpaid (but paying out our pocket) developper team ..??? ahah ah ahhhaaaaa :-P
  • OK Thanks you all for your answers and advices... ! (SO..... as everybody say…) : it really not worth it.... too bad.
  • Thanks fat man. I really didn't notice that from my experience, but perhaps it have changed from previous updates.
  • Hey hashbrown! From what I've seens, the level of a camp site is not related to the number of troops in this camps for defending on raid attacks. It is clearly true when you see someone with a new camp level 1 or 2; but with the same or even higher number of troops there...
  • Hello Fatman, Thanks for your reply. I'll take note of what you are saying. sure. but what I was specifically asking was about the number of troops on each camps and how the game choose to add 2 troops on this camp, 3 on this other one, or even 4 on that one (which I don't ever get) On previous post on this forum It was…
  • Sorry after a restart of the game the card had worked in fact.
  • Added the page on the Compass Point: West Wiki with your info Bluef1 of course. Thanks to you !
  • some more info =* dynamite level 13 need a courthouse level 14 * dynamite level 14 need a courthouse level 15 * dynamite level 15 need a courthouse level 16 Courthouse level 16 add two dynamite (for a total of 8)
  • yeah the logic in this quiete hard to figure out... in number different subject in the game. it would be nice to have a developper or admin to tell us what's what.//..
  • Hey there Sadly we had a bad player who kicked almost every one without any right to do so, and without any logic... pure evil. The friendly active root player joined again almost instantaneously with twice the willingness… So Please if you were wrongly accused and kicked by Wade Please come back and joined us for our…