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  • @blynknz Seeing past results for star collection would help and be a great alternative. And ty, not sure why everyone doesn't do it that way. I do the same with [Feedback]. :3
  • And like i said, you can't always trust them, as I already explained above if you had actually bothered to read. It was literally the first sentence after the "Apologies" line. Just because you don't like the idea, doesn't mean it wouldn't be helpful. YOU don't have to use the feature or you can run your own guild and do…
  • It would have to be voluntary. Not every guild has the minimum star limit. It can easily become unmanageable though. I was in a guild a few months back where it was pretty much a revolving door, and while there wasn't quite a set star requirement, they wanted everyone actively trying. The GM mia'd and I was the only…
  • @lmfgunnut No, that's what chatting is for. At least, in the guild I just left, most people talked quite often and not always about the game. It's only impersonal if you make it. @SpacemanSpiff Yes, they'd need to bug test. They should be doing that all the time anyway :smile: It would probably help if there was a past…
  • Agreed. Also, I would like the game to send me a notification if supplies or xp gets full. Just one, not all of them. I always forget to check on them.
  • @ShawnSmith pinging you because I think you're my guildie, so wanted to make sure you saw zbot's post :3
  • @bgbelden I am not asking them to add anything really (I guess you can count viewing text signatures), I'm pointing out bugs on it. Features on the forums run off the server behind the scenes, they don't run off your personal device, so clicking a button that says quote has zero affect on your data plan. A mobile site is…
  • @bgbelden But then it's not a mobile site. Plus, that doesn't work for me but I shouldn't have to - a mobile site should work, and they spent the time making a mobile version so I'm sure they'd like to know about the bugs in it.
  • @WalkerBait1 Lol, ty
  • Yes, waste more staff time by making them read pointless posts instead of reading about the bugs were finding. Good job.
  • What is the point of this idiotic post?
  • When it popped up as an event on my screen it said 10x the walkers. It is technically faster because 10x the walkers spawn in the same time frame as normal. I like this one though, I can actually use this one where as the others I couldn't - like the 5 second upgrades was useless when everything costs 40-60k to upgrade and…
  • What about the fact that a level 3 human is almost one shotting my level 11 legendary with 487 hp. That can't be normal.
  • Again one level 3 just nearly took out 2 of my high level survivors. It shows I'm doing more damage to the humans than they have health yet it only takes off like 3 hp. What the bloody... This needs to be fixed. I managed to get a screen shot of me doing 131 damage to a 132 hp level 3 yet later on he still has almost full…
  • Yep, my level 11 legendary and blue 11,blue 10 takes 3 hits to kill a level 3 but they practically one shot my chars. The update sounded great but they messed up on an algorithm some place that decides the damage the humans will do. I literally failed a level one mission (against level 3 humans) with my legendary 11 and…
  • This would completely ruin the game.
  • I used 15 radios 5 times and got all greens and 1 legendary. Either I have horrible luck or I just don't get the bonuses. Wasted all my radios, wish I didn't. Last time there was an event like this I only got green guys too. Some day I'll learn and stop spending my radios until I have like 500+
  • I see no reason not to. When you get to higher level it takes days to get enough to upgrade 1 survivor or 1 item. If you get a map you can farm on, and you don't mind doing it, go ahead. But if you don't have fun doing it, don't. I sometimes get a perfect map for it and will do it until mobs are 4-5 levels above me.…