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  • Done! Badge please?! Thank you!!! :)
  • In my case, in both the challenge and the distance today, the game is constantly not picking up my moves correctly in the way it should given how I touched screee and/or not picking up anything at all for a few seconds when/after I touch the screen, both of which have led to my strategy getting totally messed up as well as…
  • Same thing happened to me at the very first time and — literally, the only time — that I have ever actually received a legendary badge fragment, since the badge system came out. I waited until I had all legendary fragments to go with it too and was soooo excited to finally have a legendary badge pop-up, but alas I only saw…
  • Done! Badge please?! Thank you!!! :) B) o:)
  • All done!!! Badge, please?! Thank youuuu!
  • Done! Badge please! :smile:
  • Same thing happened to me today, where I got gear one lower RSL (lvl 17 base gear) useless gold armor with horrible traits from “epic gear crate”, when prior to this so-called “update” I had been consistently (always) getting between somewhat decent up to pretty darn good lvl 18 gear in the 3000 trade goods epic gear crate…
  • This is literally pretty much the one and only reason I haven’t deleted this game yet, but given the absurdity of the highly uneccessary additional nerfs that will soon be implemented with this highly unpleasant update — I honestly don’t know if that will be enough, seeing as how I’ve already lost a large number of amazing…
  • I too, live in FL, in Miami and so far thankfully my family, friends, those I know throughout the state and I all got through it safe. Thought we all have some minor/moderate damage, trees down, flooding issues are all without power as of now since the early morning (thank god for my 6 portable batteries I made sure to…
  • Just checked again after re-starting the game and now the correct number is showing up, so hopefully it was just a glitch that passed quickly. Still good to check just in case, but assuming it doesn't happen again, feel free to close the thread! Thanks :smile:
  • I totally agree that there should be some feeling of excitement when opening a gold crate. Unfortunately, I usually cringe and close my eyes as I do it due to the usual disappointing results. Also agree silver crates should yield better results than they do, which are overwhelmingly not much better than "regular" crates.…
  • My few silver jackpots during this event have been absolutely dismal, too sad to post on the forum at all, but alas I pulled a gold jackpot at last: Below are the results of my one gold "jackpot" received during this event (so far) and although all the green is very unappealing, I am thankful that I spent 25 gold because I…
  • I hereby sign [signed here] this petition on this 18th day in the month of August of year 2017. This signature shall never expire or become void for any reason whatsoever. Seriously, how. in. the. heck. did. 1. minute. gas. not. win.?!?! I cannot comprehend how the final result came to be, nor how 1 min gas also ended in…
  • Hey! It is showing the optimal traits in assault class survivors/weapons recommended for you to utilize in general gameplay (challenges/story missions/scavenging/etc.) and the optimal traits in assault class survivors/weapons recommended for you to assign as defenders in the outpost. Hope that helps! :smiley:
  • As @Scowley and @burt0 mentioned and also did themselves to claim any/all of their missing badges for Season 7A and 7B, seen above, to make things simpler as far as scrolling through this entire thread and looking at each individual screenshot as the thread gets longer and longer and more difficult to sort through -- I am…
  • I didn't start collecting badges until shortly after the final day to claim any Season 7 Mission badges had passed and figured I would never be able to get them, so thank you for opening up this discussion in order for those of us who missed out on claiming them can do so now. I have completed all of them, so lots of new…
  • Done! Badge please? I also enjoyed playing this mission a lot! Thank you for the Governer!
  • Same here @bigbeano, I've seen the start of many suspected rendezvous' occur when two of my survivors (although I've seen 3 or even up to 4 of them at one time on a few occasions :open_mouth: ) happen to quickly walk behind the hospital at the same time and suspiciously stay back there for quite a while where no one else…
  • Now this has me wondering, does anyone else on here do this same thing or something similar at times as they wait and wait for something to finish up sometimes when they are playing the game?
  • Omg! Thank you for posting this! You've made my day :smiley: I thought I was only person who did this same thing when I'm waiting on something in the game to finish upgrading/refilling/healing/etc. until now, lol! Sometimes, I've even kept my eye on two survivors (not those "clone" survivors with countless versions of…
  • Done once again! Badge please? Thank you! :smiley:
  • Done! Badge please? Thank you! :smiley: :sunglasses: :wink:
  • @Avengers No need to thank me! There is plenty of negativity as it is (although I know some of it understandable), but I just don't feel the need to add to it further. Also, I totally agree with you as far as it being refreshing to come across posts and members that don't add any extra negativity :smiley:
  • Awesome! I will definitely try that :smiley: Thank you @gespuer !!!
  • Oh ok! Thank you for letting me know! I must have just missed it that day... oh welll :smile:
  • Done and done! Badge me again please! Thank you! :smiley:
  • @Teeceezy I never got the free gas, I had checked the trade goods shop over and over after like 3 different times it reset. Any reason for this? Did only some players get the free gas? Just wondering, thank you!
  • As far as the spiked walkers go, I used to have trouble with them when they first were released in the game and a few other times they came up after that, but this is the first challenge that they have been featured in for a while now and I've actually been taking them down easily for the first time since they have existed…
  • Done!!! Vintage Daryl Badge Pleaseeee?! Thank you :-)