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  • I like any format that will not force me to grind week in and week out. However timing of current challenge is awful, extra fatties/armored are awful, not using all round passes will be awful, top players in guild might have an issue to be top again (awful again). And of course poll results will be obvious based on that,…
  • Its once again case when something is done either on purpose for some strange reason or havent put enough thought into it out of NG team. I love less grind, I hated 3 rounds per level, it was boring, tiring and not really entertaining. I like the change itself. But the timing of this event format is freaking awful. Come on…
  • Agree. I hate RPG but rewards on the way were sweet and nice. Thank you NG team. I give you benefit of the doubt since it was the first time something like this, I think we can expect some sort of similar stuff in the future.
  • @Firekid No, out of four bullets made by @Kaz only one says really why it is Sunday, other three are about something else. And in fact he asked if we feel if fixed No Bodyshot day on Sunday is unfair - I commented that is indeed the case imo and I gave the reasons why. And saying that any other day wouldn't work - how do…
  • How do you know Sunday is the best option if we haven't try any other day? I know that NG wants us to force to play more and more, thus Sunday, the most challenge quiet day is chosen. But I still can call it unfair option.
  • @Kaz But here's the deal. So called "Sunday" is not really Sunday for me. It stars on 2PM on Sunday, the last few hours of the weekend I have for my family and preparation for upcoming week. I won't have much time to leverage this again. Because up until 2PM on Monday I'm at work so no playing time. Thus that's the reason…
  • Yeah, that was well worth the summer grind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pODYoWxSmV0&feature=youtu.be
  • I wrote it once. Why we have bodyshots on Sunday? I want to have no body shots on random days, not fixed ones.
  • I have good idea on how to solve one of the issues here. Bullet dodge armor. Let's just make it great again. We should ask NG to add more shooting freemans on all challenge maps. And by more I mean, more. Like we would be under fire left and right. I'm sure everyone will be ecstatic to finally pick one armor from huge…
  • Why? Im at 28 now and still running with Gov (plus 2 bruisers). But at least its not hte same boring shit lol.
  • lol, come one.
  • Nooooo !!!!!! And I was planning whole day for best strategy with three bruisers for The Archive map. What an utter disappointment.
  • This recommendation coming from Japes make it really valid. Though my main problem is that I play when Sasha is often my main and only firepower. Running sets with assault&bruiser/2 assaults etc.I can't imagine doing it without extra critical damage badges. Im not the top dog in the game for sure so maybe Im doing…
  • Though in my scenario I wasn't killed by a blast, i had one guy standing and my summary screen showed 8 dispatched walkers. something else must have happened. Anyway, I got response from support that they will investigate and thats it. Nothing about being sorry for a wrong information in initial message or anything. Well,…
  • @Governator - No, not disconnect issue this time unfortunately. It's something else that happened. @ignas - Since I don't have recording, I cannot recall that anymore unfortunately. I remember the walkers dying and seeing 8 dispatched on summary screen. I think I will start recording all my tough missions now.
  • @ATLAS-Z - actually I have exact same experience as @ignas. Thus Im not sure if you are 100% correct. I think there is some not so straight forward logic applied for what counts and what not. That we might never know really. Anyway, I got incorrect response from support and my mission showed I dispatched 8 walkers. Yet I…
  • Do you know if mission summary screen showed you 8 (or any other number) dispatched walkers? Because thats what happened to me. And I understand that having both grenades around is not a good idea, but it wasnt the case for me. I was so happy with the fact that I beat for the first time in this Set map #19 with fatties,…
  • Thank you guys for sanity check. I don't blame them for a mistake, I just wanted to make sure I'm not missing something here.
  • Thanks for quick anwser. One more question from me. i know that with gas booster I wont get gas from missions from crates. How about watching cinema? The same applies?
  • No, I hate free stuff and extra events that will benefit us.
  • Today is Rick followed by 8 days of Eugene. Dream setup.
  • Perfect summary, there is a difference between something being garbage and being hard. I love that it's finally hard and indeed challenging.
  • Of course, however you need to accept the fact that there will be challenges when you will get much worse result. If that s the way you play, just accept it and move on. I really got tired with all that complains whenever challenge requires some melee lineups. The game is skewed towards ranged teams anyway so I gladly…
  • Oh come one. It's a finally challenge and not walk in the park into boredom. A lot of people complaining at this challenge, even in my guild, because they melee teams plain sucks. If you are ignoring half of your squad and not improving on all fronts its on you. And challenge like this just shows flaws in players strategy.…
  • That banana stuff just gave me an idea. How about we will get special throwing weapon for example for scouts. With some extreme damage, 100% critical multiplied two or three times each time being throwned. However, the only caveat - if you throw it, you need to get to the body to pick it up. So if one throw it in the…
  • Wow, nice noob of me. Im hitting 2k stars in challenges but I didnt know or ever notice that charge attack is not always critical lol. Edit: And I'm glad i scrapped most of the critical chance badges last event to make room for crafting, good for me lol
  • Not if people will give up after council upgrade because of grind and the fact that to keep up again they would need to spend a lot again. It's very tricky situation right now based on quarterly financial reports.
  • I liked the event as it allowed us to use different strategy. And I agree with the fact that something has to change to make melee teams more useful. Ranged teams are too powerful compared to melee ones on weekly basis and I was happy to use different heroes than Sasha/Abe and third range hero all the time. It\s just so…
  • I'm sorry, it was a typo. Sorry @Kaz as well. Yes, he said there will be something this year and what I meant was that he said after the summer.
  • While I'm all with you guys, @Kaz already mention that we should expect council upgrade in the summer :( That would really suck and imho it might be serious turning point for a lot of us to stop playing at all or even seriously.