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  • Bought two armours in BM with unicorn traits during work today, about 8hrs ago (one for assault, one for warrior). Now I went online again just to see that these buys weren't logged, and that I don't have them in my arsenal. I still have my gold, but obviously I favoured the amours, otherwise I wouldn't have bought them in…
  • Push. Still having a lot of issues with disconnections, in missions, after missions, on the village screen when sniping the walkers, with aforementioned side effects like having to do certain things like black market or trade good store purchases twice to really get them done. Never had any problems on a regular basis…
  • Weird bug, deactivation of the web view app helps though. Might affect the possibility to watch the in-game adds every 7h... Thanks for the swift help!
 I'd totally be ok with that. Actually I'd rather go with frequent bonus events than decreased building costs, as the earlier seems to be the more promising advantage. And is it really worth to be called 'eased' if you lower the materials needed, but due to less events it takes more time to get them...? Once you know…
  • This Karajoca said: 
 I know and I think all midgamers that actually care were happy about it! For me it was one of the reasons that kept me going. I'm not talking about making the way up to 75 a joke. The grind is still massive, the tomato Mondays help but they don't happen even once a month. Just thinking about some…
  • When you rewrite the script for the sake of xp...
  • Hey guys, here for the same reason as so often mentioned before - gw participation. I´m about to loose my last bit of patience at my current guild.I´d really like to stay there, but have the feeling I wont ever get the rewards (this war: bruiser armour on gold III) I really find useful, except from badges oc.So I´m…
  • Thanks guys! Been a crazy week and this tab has been open for days but I couldn´t find the time... :( 
 Thank you. New to the forum, yes - but been playing since 2017. Lots of breaks inbetween, but been playing way more since November last year, will hit level 70 quite soon. Lockdown Galore! :p Have been reading quite…