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  • I’m getting a blocking message (on iOS) that says I need to update, but when I go to the App Store, it says I have version 3.0.1 and there’s no update
  • Wow that’s awesome. I burned 90 radios today and didn’t get a single Abe token :-(
  • That’s interesting, I had not noticed it before. The more I think about it, I’m not sure if I noticed it after the 2.7 update or the iOS upgrade (I did them around the same time using beta version of iOS 11)
  • You’re right.. Now that i see it’s a percentage, it makes sense. Thanks!
  • I upgraded my iPad to ios11. So far the only thing I noticed was buggyness in the maps that had flaming walkers.. it made the entire screen kinda jumpy
  • I’m not sure I’m digging them.. I played 20 rounds last week and earned 4 passes. Now this week I’d have to get through round 24 to earn a 4th pass instead of 20 (not happening, don’t think i’ll even earn a third pass this week) Now I’m failing missions on Friday instead of Sunday. I used to dread Mondays and Tuesdays…
  • Right... My craftsman building is under construction, so I figured scavenging was the only thing for me to do (today) But I just blew all my gas on scavenge missions and haven't seen a single component show up yet :-/ I think I'll probably do the TG raids also, and see what shows up in the Store on the next pass. Thanks
  • So basically, unless you're at Council level 18, there's no "Day 1 fun" to be had.... Can't play the Distance, new Challenge is tomorrow, and now I have to wait a day for the Craftsman thing to even get built... Unless I'm missing something? (some of the new animations are very cool though)
  • I'm seeing the same thing, but others in my Guild are racking up stars... so it's not everyone apparently
  • Normally I can run to the crate and grab the TG without a fight, with the occasional person actually defending it. But today... 8 raids in a row I had to bail out on.. kinda strange