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  • Thank you @Fluxxx for your response! I really do hope some of these easier changes can be considered low hanging fruit and somehow be worked into the next release. A lot of times, it’s the small changes that mean the most, and could be the thing that either makes or breaks a players fun and passion for the game.
  • @Billbam I totally agree but somehow I think it’s going to be baby steps with them to get any changes there let alone a complete redo. The whole badge system is so overly complicated and this is a GAME! (That’s me shouting at NG! lol). It shouldn’t have to feel like work, and whenever you have to do anything related to…
  • For week of July 1st... NORMAL 1 - 40k XP 2 - 80k supplies 3 - 25 warrior class tokens 4 - 60k XP 5 - 15 Michonne tokens 6 - 100k supplies 7 - 25 Dwight tokens 8 - 80k XP, 30 summer tokens 9 - Epic hunter armor 10 - 40 hunter class tokens, 1 reinforcement token 11 - Epic hunter weapon 12 - 125k supplies, 1 reroll token 13…
  • This week’s distance.... HARD 1 - 100k XP 2 - 4 edibles, 4 cloth (uncommon) 3 - 3 badge frags (uncommon) 4 - epic bruiser weapon 5 - 50 bruiser tokens, 30 summer tokens 6 - epic bruiser armor 7 - 50 Maggie tokens (hunter) 8 - 1 reinforcement token, 20 Aaron tokens 9 - 60 Negan tokens, 50 summer tokens 10 - 3 reroll tokens,…
  • @Firekid yeah that would be great if that was fixed too! u better hold on to those CC badges til the next double XP event! :smile:
  • HARD 1 - 100k XP 2 - 4 metal, 4 chemicals (uncommon) 3 - 3 badge frags (uncommon) 4 - epic scout weapon 5 - 50 scout tokens, 30 summer tokens 6 - epic scout armor 7 - 50 Jerry tokens 8 - 1 reinforcement token, 20 Aaron tokens 9 - 60 Rick tokens, 50 summer tokens 10 - 3 reroll tokens, 250k XP 11 - 4 badge frags (rare) 12 -…
  • maps 5, 9 and 15 for summer tokens on hard
  • Is the update for everything on the 17th or are we getting an update this week with a few things to follow next week? @Vane
  • @Kaz Another issue for the last battle is the “ask your guild to play because you don’t have enough players” popup continues to open every time I log into the game now. I was signed up for the last war but we didn’t have enough players, but I continue to get that reminder even though GW is over for this weekend. Hope I…
  • @Holyme My guild has the same problem. And we are a full and active guild!
  • @Kaz Have you considered allowing players to give their keys to other players?
  • I’m not quite at the baking cookies level yet, but I feel @Rissa ‘s pain with respect to the mismatching. I don’t recall how many levels of difference there was between my guys and theirs (I just know they were higher than me) but I feel the bigger mismatch was with weapons. I had someone take one of my guys out in one…
  • @Kaz In case no one else has mentioned it, I found the same issue with assaults not being able to kill anything in front of the metalheads (as well as behind them).