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  • I agree. Also see my old post on this
  • -Present me with a moral dilemma, there's two parties in need of help, but you can only save one. -there's conflict or even betrayal within my group on a mission -someone has stashed a ton of goods in a hideout and won't share *naughty, naughty* - lets infiltrate him and take our share -escort people on a mission -have a…
  • ...aah, . i have been wondering about those dots as well :wink: -its only the amount of kills that matter for charging the charge, right? -not the amount of damage that lead to the kill.
  • +1 -strange no one commented on this..
  • thanks for clearing that up guys, -though i dont find this makes much sense thematically nor mechanically
  • @AysatyoPet that makes sense. -another related idea, what about having atleast two different lighting set ups (day/night) in base camp, depending on when you login. its not sensical, since the mission wont reflect the time of day, but it adds a little bit of mood to the base camp.
  • thematically the walkers pounding on your gates should pose some sort of threat to you, but I don't see how this could translate to game play (without becoming a nuisance)
  • -it's bound to rain even in GA sometimes!! :wink: -it's almost more about sound than visuals.. Picture raindrops, distant thunder, wind sweeping.. that kind of thing.. I am tired of always listening to the same sound track!
  • I don't know if this has been addressed, apologies if so, -in missions I would like to know how much damage my survivors make (numbers for their health and dmg) like in their respective portraits. I hate having to guess if my survivors attack will kill a walker or not
  • I think I would get more tired of watching the same video over and over than tapping the walkers away. -how bout instead you farm a bit more xp the faster you tap them away? -I haven't played long enough to know if on higher levels the xp scales with leveling, so I don't know if disposing of the walkers is something that's…
  • i agree! -i am a huge sucker for theme and i think this greatly adds to this. granted, i am still a newbie and dont know whats yet to come..