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  • I play solo and am level 63. Not being in a guild hasn't really affected me much yet, I don't think.
  • @JayZ that's what I was expecting as well. When I realized the walkers were back and radios gone, I thought no big deal I'll just pop them again, but nope! Not a single radio the 2nd time. It appears the drops on the wall walkers are TRULY random.
  • Thanks @zbot .
  • Now I am wondering if I should burn through all these radios or save them in case this will be tied to a future event....
  • I bought a gas booster. Ran about 15 missions, found 8 phones (4 regular crates with 2 phones each) after opening 60+ crates. I watched videos when I could for extra unlocks and spent about 100 gold for some extra. After a few missions unlocking all 9 crates with no phones I stopped spending gold and just went with the…
  • @JayZ Interesting. I have 11 legendary survivors, I think maybe 2-3 were found during events and 1 was upgraded from epic to leg. The rest I found on my own with random calls each time I gathered 15 radios. I was also able to unlock Glenn and Jesus with random calls outside of events.
  • Through outposts, challenges, and raids exists a constant, uncapped supply of TG. NG has given a quantifiable, non-random way to convert that into the most valuable in-game resource and their financial engine... for FREE. There are several things in this game deserving of criticism. This is not one of them.
  • IMO that event was over rated. I have found considerably more legendary survivors by making a call as soon as I hit 15 radios than I ever did by hoarding and spending during events.
  • I hope it stays. Starting from scratch, it took me less than a day to make my last radio call using TG. It's a free means to garunteed radio quantities and it sure beats the heck out of saving 7500 TGs for some randomized bruiser jacket.
  • I just wish the little green notification in camp showed total items and not items that can be upgraded. First it says 179. Use half your XP to upgrade a survivor and now your item counter says 12. Kind of useless.
  • I agree. So far I have also received 10-12 radios in 3 rounds of challenges.
  • If the drop rates haven't been adjusted, can someone please explain how 10x the walkers in camp doesn't yeild 10x the radios in camp?
  • I keep 3 hunters, warriors, and assault so that I could field a full team of each if I wanted. For scouts, bruisers, and shooters I keep an A player and B player of each one.
  • You'll have good streaks and bad streaks. It took me from Thurs-Sun to find 15 radios. Then I found 15 more by Monday night. Since then I've found 2, both this morning.
  • I stopped buying gas boosters, but when my gas fills up, I run it out and semi regularly log in just to kill camp walkers. Ive received 13 (total) radios since the update (at best half came from the wall). Have yet to find enough to make one radio call all weekend. Whatever. Sure as hell not buying radios. I'll just keep…
  • With the direction this game has taken you could almost insert any question and have the same results. Is ________ worth it? Hell no!
  • I will not spend any more money. The "10-star" survivors did it for me. I've spent A LOT of time and some money into developing my legendary survivors, and difficult as it may have been, was even having fun trying to progress a few epics to legendary. And just like that, the goal line was moved, again... but this time went…
  • It's easy. All you have to do is spend hundreds of dollars to make sure you have enough radios to make enough radio calls to randomly get Rick tokens 8 at a time. Once you have 250 tokens, you get Rick. If you actually want to use Rick in your missions, keep searching for an additional 972 Rick tokens so you can upgrade…
  • Every single walker at the camp walls better be carrying a damn radio.
  • I tried it once and got 8 Daryl tokens. I didn't try again.
  • I have stopped trying to save up radios. Too much work. Too little reward. Especially when waiting months for so called "events". Now when I happen to get 15 radios, I make a radio call. Take the survivor or apply the tokens and move on. The token system just keeps getting more and more diluted while radio drops, radio…
  • Anything less than a 15 radio call is useless. For higher level players about 4/5 of 15 radio calls are practically useless. A "medium" radio bundle costs $20 and includes just 15 radios (ie a single radio call that has 80% chance of being useless). More radios. And (much) cheaper radios.
  • With the 2XP booster I don't really expect to see the 3x event again. But with the rate that gear drops, I think it's a better value to use the booster once a month vs waiting 3,4,5? months for the next event anyway. Knowing that there is a new system coming for gear, I am not scrapping any epic or legendary equipment at…
  • Not just you. I am level 50, training grounds and workshop both maxed. I have stopped trying for extra crates because I got tired of spending 25 gold only to find a level 16 rare jacket from a "gold" crate. I'm guessing it has something to do with my lower level bench survivors.
  • I rarely even spend xp to upgrade armour, let alone actually money. I literally throw on whatever armor has the highest health and go. Never had any problems.
  • @AYHJA I guess I have been more fortunate than I realized. Not sure if it makes any difference, but I have always burned through my radios as early as possible once an event starts, and did the same again as soon as the new format took place. Hope your luck turns around.
  • I have 6 Legendaries: 2 warriors, hunter, assault, bruiser, scout. Then I keep 1 epic of every class and trade the rest for tokens/xp. Still waiting on a legendary shooter though. I found 2 of my legendaries (bruiser and warrior) and lots of epics immediately after the 1.10 upgrade. The rest were found very gradually,…
  • @mongo911 Yes they're all currently level 3 and and ready to be promoted. Of course since the last trait was upgraded none of my radio calls have yielded any hunters. Go figure.
  • I currently have 1 rare hunter that I like who is only 40 tokens away from promotion to epic. So right now Im spending them for fun each time I hit 15 radios. As soon this hunter reaches epic I will begin saving again for events.