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  • @Fluxxx Today the Guild wars are not working
  • Список все еще обновляется ?? @Крокодил
  • It's time to make 50% treatment and open more cards at the start.  You can also add attacks, people will run more and spend even more gold unnoticed )) this way you will solve some of the problems. We got 50% health, and you did not lose money 💰, so…
  • 4 people left us because of the war. The last straw was that we were given THE top Guild 3 times in a row.  Moreover, we are shown that their rating is silver 3, although in fact gold 2. And the main thing is that we were beaten three times in a row…
  • I agree Morgan's Staff is a great weapon that many have been waiting for,and I also agree that there should be a choice. The war will take a lot of time and gold, and it will be fair if the choice is wider and each player can take what he needs more…
    in Guild shop Comment by mir June 22
  • 1: pure gold 2:Gold badges 3:Daryl's Golden knife. 4: Morgan's Golden staff with tactics. 5: the Golden armor of a bouncer. 6: gold box with grenades. 7: gold bag with infinite mines that would waste mining. And all the best that you have , and then…
  • I agree. You often have to restart the game to get the points updated. And just as often when you enter the game does not display the score, it helps to restart the game. Of course I'm tired of it. Do you know about this error ? @Fluxxx
  • It is not clear where all of a sudden became specialists in two days as they introduced grenades and first aid kits!? Let's play at least 2-3 weeks and then draw conclusions. And Yes, let there be many players who have large wallets! So don't cry an…
  • > @Fluxxx said: > Ok it seems like this happens when you press the button on the popup (below) multiple times in quick succession. We're going to look into fixing this asap, but do try to avoid spamming that button for now :D > (Image) …
  • @Fluxxx I sent it at 9: 21 Moscow time. This happened on the iPhone SE
  • @Fluxxx I also lost 170 gold. Technical support wrote to me that I bought boxes. I'm in shock!! I have iOS. I buy hero tokens, click buy, then click * OK* and the button sticks, then the purchase for gold occurs. I did not notice it immediately that…
  • War is always a tactic! Think about it.You were given the opportunity to build tactics for yourself - your Guild. Different options !!!!Give us more secrets @Fluxxx :)) we will search for them and build the battle as we see fit. And all who are cry…
  • > @TJCart said: > (Quote) > While I may not know what your native language is, mir, it is clear to me that you are a nonnative English speaker. However, I found your post to be awesome (with absolutely no sarcasm in that statement). Wheth…
  • It's not clear what's going on. Why do a mess, much is not clear. Give us more information or don't give it at all. The coefficient is reduced, the prices in the store are raised - this immediately upsets everyone. Now we have 4 wars, each player h…
  • No patience to wait :), will you change the format a bit or will it be the same Beta ? @Fluxxx
  • And this option: the leader can give the status of a Warrior(as an elder) and only those who have this status can participate. This means that if someone has registered for a fight with the status of Wars and does not get in touch, then the leader l…
  • Very few attacks @Fluxxx , for all fights 30 minutes. Total for 8 days 60 minutes of the game. This is of course very small. So same there is no the right on mistake only 20 attacks and only 2 battlefield - this little. Further, the set of points b…
  • I'll trade my shield for luck. What other options are there ? @ATLAS-Z
    in Gabriel call?! Comment by mir January 16
  • I made more than 2000 stars, plus I picked tomatoes. Total: 0 gold, 2 silver. This has long been shit, before the system was better. I speak for myself and another 20 people from my Guild, this can't be a coincidence @Fluxxx , it's sad!
  • 22 hours before the fight?! I think this reduces the load on the servers and wash away the difference in the speed of loading the mission ios vs android
  • Let everything be as you want @Fluxxx , All with holiday and let near will only good people !
  • Patience already there is no @ATLAS-Z , still have many in game enter not can as usually. Sadly.,
  • @Fluxxx if it's Beta, let us go there now, so we don't have to wait a month to find the bug. Can that the still not is prepared for beta war ?
  • Still not working bluestacks @Fluxxx
  • I spent a lot of resources and effort to get the red gas. And what can you expect?! Maybe we should be more open in this matter @Fluxxx , the people are concerned 😦
  • 2 battlefield on 20 missions for 8 days this not about than!!
  • I have so was 25 November in 21.53 on Moscow time. @Fluxxx
  • I charged on easy levels of all my shooters, now they all lost a charging point when you need to go to difficult levels. This is not fair, although perhaps it is not so important in a global sense @Fluxxx
  • Means % works poorly, I has passed yesterday 4 mission on 36 complexity, and she nor never not made reducing threats. Today I will watch. Thanks guys ;)
  • Maybe I'm so unlucky, but I don't see a reduction in threat when the Dragon's Tongue is in Michonne's hands . Did anyone else notice ?