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  • I sent a ticket in the game today. There are a lot of Bugs in the war . I also couldn't finish the New mode, I constantly rebooted , I had to skip moves and run to finish the game . I sent a video, it happened three times, I was answered in the spirit of thank you, stay alive. But today I realized that my Sasha has 50%…
What are you talking about, what does technical support have to do with it ? Do you have saboteurs in technical support who do what they want with any account ? And this guy is not lucky , he was blown up :)?
  • I agree. During the Beta War, technical support must respond instantly, fix the bug, and fix it. So we will get out of the Betta mode. Otherwise, it will soon be Betta 50, although Betta 9 is already too much. We had a super bug in the war on Wednesday, May 19. The issue with technical support has not been resolved.…
  • In fact, they made 4815. 
  • This is a small part of what happened yesterday. Technical support did not get in touch. We did not count some islands and lost three attacks. This is of course a beta war, but I am convinced that the resources need to be returned to the players who did the war test yesterday for their money. Thanks for attention. @Fluxxx…
  •  See how much fun it is
  • Two strike
This is a fake , we need the original! ) 
  • I'm happy for Morgan. But it's about the hockey stick.
  • @Fluxxx Thank you for your activity, help in many matters, both for me personally and for my Guild. There were hot days, sometimes fiery)) but you always tried to cool it down or put it out completely, solving many issues. Good luck with your promotion;). We welcome you @Lexia , we will work together :)
  • @xbamfx There's no money, but you're holding on. Everything will be fine;)
  • I also wonder if the answer will be official and if there will be an answer at all ?!?
  • It's time to invite tank, spike and metalhead to the herd. The tank needs to be hit 10 times to get the reward . Spike shake your phone. Hit a metalworker with a hammer on the phone or throw the phone into the wall. It's time to lead the rewards for the new mechanics. And then I'm tired of throwing my phone into the wall…
  • I subscribe to every item on your list. Since most of this madness met in the game. The war cannot continue until these BUGS are fixed.
 I did what I had to do. I am sorry that you do not understand this post and do not read it carefully. Don't worry about my team, it's the best. Good luck to you 🍀
  • NG with his Beta destroys not only the desire but also the aspirations in this game. We also faced these problems, it kills. Our rating is also broken , we planned to finish the season in a high place, and we did everything for this, but it turns out that this is a Beta. Laughter
    in WTF?! Comment by mir March 26
 I agree, we need even more difficult 55 zombies )) . But seriously, the other islands are made for tools, a big waste. You can already play without weapons, throw everything with tools(one-time weapons)
 I don't think you read my first post carefully :)
  •  Here's what it looks like 
 Of course, it's not expensive if you shift it to one mission, but if you shift it to the whole season, it's a big cost. Plus, a big problem when there is a bug in the game, and this is constantly and you are advised to stay alive. This is my opinion on everything that is happening around the wars now. Personally, I…
  • @avelardez Here are some photos, can you comment on what tactics to use in this Hell? Thanks.
 Tell me briefly the strategy for the difficulty of 19 / 21 that would spend less? When one hit on your bouncer is a fight. And you need to kill 14 zombies of the 49th level, plus spikes meet you with Metalheads. And next to the handle hold a slug and a tank. Share it with us , everyone will thank you and say thank…
 The team has been striving to take high places in the table throughout the season, which until this Sunday was all successful. We spent a lot of time and resources. What to do with this now and how to motivate players to continue playing at a high level, tell me ?
  • Yesterday we played with a team that also got such a bug. But they were a little lucky and some were able to move on to another day. We can't go over since it's the last day.
  • There are so many of them, I'm sick of them. We spend time discussing them, not enjoying the game!
  • need it, please @Fluxxx
  • Understanding almost all the subtleties of the game, I see that there are islands where you just throw money at the opponent and he will answer you:). You all know what I'm talking about. At the same time, it is also a Beta mode with a bunch of errors. If you think this is a normal approach, I am happy for you. Personally,…
  • You guys fell off the moon)). One do not play, the second do not spend, the third do not force you. Of course, this is my choice, and I made it. And then, as required, I made a review based on the experience of my choice . This is a Beta version with millions of bugs and not the correct balance. The community makes this…
 You don't know exactly what they're talking about. Don't muddy the water.
  • Let's discuss: why is there a wave 2 in the war, and 6 zombies come out ? Why can the enemy count your points when you sleep and make the other islands win? Why did we start buying tools 5 times more when islands 19 and 20 appeared? Why can't NG find a balance(or doesn't want to)? And there are a lot of things that really…