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  • How about let us just pick our starting round, if we complete it we get the stars for all the rounds below that but no rewards and can then continue from there gaining rewards. Let those of us who want to just start at 30.1 and be done still contrib…
  • (Quote) My next step is to ask apple for refunds and remove the game, im tired of this.
  • (Quote) Same here @Teeceezy @Fearofabotplanet
  • (Quote) As has been stated it works sometimes and others not at all.
  • (Quote) Hold onto your horses there @TheBRADLeyB. I wasn't being a Jerk and @Amiga and I were discussing this elsewhere at the sametime ;)
  • @Steeboon that is exactly what I see. @Teeceezy this is something that needs to be looked at more closely. Sometimes the healing charge activates and it says so over the head, other times nothing. This is not just a visual bug. Tara should be heali…
  • (Quote) Well we do see damage taken, damage healed is only logical :(
  • @Amiga sigh, well i've def had it not work half dozen times this morning. Would be nice to see besides healing charge some green numbers to show how much damage was healed.
  • @Amiga im talking outposts, not scavenge, show me a video of it working correctly in outpost
  • (Quote) Tried using tara's charge attack with both Tara and Another survivor damaged, neither were healed.
  • (Quote) Its pretty simple.... but i will put the steps in just for you ;) 1. Tara leader 2. Charge up all 3 survivors in outpost. 3. Take some damage 4. Use charge attack on damaged survivor 5. See nothing get healed...
  • (Quote) Not healing.
  • @Teeceezy @Shteevie why are we being penalized for having Full teams of level 22's. Many of the top performers in challenges are sporting teams of lvl 20's with only 2 level 21 toons. This allows them to reach higher levels while starting lower to g…
  • (Quote) My guess is no. Pretty sure all 5 traits of a survivor are decided on acceptance, so only new survivors have these traits available.
  • (Quote) "Soon" ;)
  • So @Teeceezy what NG is telling me at this point is this: It is silly to spend any more $$ on the game Survivors that i have paid real money to upgrade have no chance to to see these new traits If i go from being pay to play to free to …
  • @Teeceezy Unless we get the ability to reroll survivor traits, there is no way I will invest anything else in this game. Personally I only have 1 survior of each class that i spend tokens on and the rest are saturated heros.
  • Way to soon for upgrade to council and suvrivor / equipment level. I am glad that I haven't purchased any weapons recently (all your fault NG), but now I've been pushed closer to just walking away all together.
  • The best benefit from a guild family is the wealth of knowledge you get during a challenge. There are different styles of big guilds. At CONQUER we have 3 competitive guilds 2 that are more laid back an academy/overflow and then one that holds those…
  • (Quote) Only issue with that is certain maps at certain levels require different tactics and without a good way to preview the map that is asking a lot for players to either remember everymap or spend even more gold because they went in with the wro…
  • (Quote) I don't disagree that it is a bug, but it is a bug that they new about when Glenn was introduced. They changed it, no notes, no nothing. And the timing on the change was terrible for players again.
  • (Quote) Im not talking xp after 100 kills im talking prior to update 2.5 glenns trait gave supply goods based on the pre-reduced xp amount.(tomatoes). Example at kill 99 you would gain 300xp and 135 tomatoes. Prior to 2.5 at 101 kills you gained 1…
  • (Quote) Not upset that they changed it, the point is they changed it and nothing was noted in update notes. Sat on the gate opening mission for an hour earlier expecting some nice xp rewards like before (wasn't auto farming) and got nearly jack didd…
  • up to the top, am i wrong in this? Didn't Glenn use to give supplies after 100 kills?
  • @Teeceezy any chance we could get all of our purchased bundled weapons and armors buffed up a level, or set those to specifically have no max level. Losing many dollars of value overnight for what really is no end-game reason is super frustrating. A…
  • Correct, but it does not seem that there are any radios on the wall atm... @Teeceezy @Shteevie
  • Yeah... it did great against them.... when it didn't produce bodyshots... but apparently that was a bug and fire and burning should be body shots mostly.
  • I'll say this again. I have no problem with LLS. The issue i take is that the LLS are essentially able to by-pass a game mechanic that is intended (healing time / healing cost). If healing time / cost was based on the RSL of the map and not the leve…
  • Lets just have a leader board of who spends the most gold each week. Oh wait we do that now.
  • Why not just remove the leader board altogether. It seems the top 10 players ha e been the ones playing the longest and have spent the most. If none of them seem to care who is at the top lets just delete the leader boards.