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  • I started at 16.. Youd think with all the money you make from the game you'd hire a programmer that's not incompetent.. Just sayin
  • You what you are saying is.. By me leveling up to 21 I'll more than like get less stars which will result in less rewards.. Right? 20 =14 21 =16
  • The ironic part of this was even a moderator thought we could double xp from retiring survivors.. But it's Always been this way.. Oh and BTW it's not about the 3$ it's about principle.. I've spent more money on this game then I'd like to admit without embarrassing myself..
  • So in other words.. It's nerfed... Without warning.. Got me for 3 bucks brings everyone was able to do this proir and probably governed according to it... Then I spend 3 dollars and told tough shit it was always "supposed" to be that way.. Thanks for the payment, happy hunting.. Theft by deception isn't the first time this…
  • This was may response to the ticket I filed.. Which is bullshit btw.. Hello there survivor Murph, and thanks for contacting us! XP from retiring survivors should have never been doubled. Only XP from mission crates, mission rewards, scrapping equipment, killing walkers and tapping walkers on your base will be doubled. So…
  • It sucks I'm retired another survivor to prove a point.. No double xp.. (after closing and reopened prior to 3rd picture.. Your welcome for the sacrifice ;/
  • I sent a ticket..
  • > @zbot said: > @murph0228 check out these threads/post. > > Exit the game and restart and you should see the correct xp, it's a visual issue. Just tried it.. Nope.. Nada.. Maybe I should send NG a screenshot of all the Google Play reciepts to thier cause.. Would that make a difference?
  • Yea.. Scrapping equipment is still double Missions and kills are still doubled.. Retirement of 2 legendary scouts on the other hand.. No.. I didn't realize until the 2nd scout that I wasn't getting the doubling for retirement.. I've alway have before.. So I'm apparently out 1.14mil and 623k really pissed right now
  • And it wasn't dbled from 318k or whatever.. It was a lvl 20 legendary scout.. I spend way too much real money to get screwed this way.. If I've known you nerfed xp doubling I would not have bought the booster
  • I've farmed over 13 million cans in scavenger missions this weekend and not one gold jackpot.. I guarantee if I didn't have at least 25 gold I'd get one.
    in Jackpot! Comment by murph0228 March 2017
  • Congratulations on pointing out a bug in our favor to the commies.. I'm sure they are already fixing this issue beings it would not benefit them in the least.. Off with your tounge.. Or your fingers you traitor! Lol
  • I played all weekend.. Every 6 minutes practically.. 0 gold jp's.. 5 or 6 silver.. Where's the damn gold!?
    in Jackpot! Comment by murph0228 March 2017
  • I can now.. I restarted the game 3 times to get the tents to prompt.
  • > @paintbeast said: > > @murph0228 said: > > Hence.. This.. Can't move anything around or click on anything other than the Survivor icon, radio icon or weapon icon.. > > > > The buying bundles button still works just fine tho... > > > > Y'all broke your damn game.. > > I bet it is because you are maxed. Can you upgrade the…
  • Hence.. This.. Can't move anything around or click on anything other than the Survivor icon, radio icon or weapon icon.. The buying bundles button still works just fine tho... Y'all broke your damn game..
  • I have the orange cans on my farms again and it will ot let me move the farm or click to upgrade it saying.. Umm.." please upgrade farm ".. Haven't tried to play scavenge or outpost.. But I'm sure I'll be able to but a bundle if I felt like it.. This is the only game I play.. Please fix the issues so I can start upgrading…
  • It's up and running but... I have maxed tomatoes and it will not let me upgrade the farms.. Wtf
  • 1 legendary 21 weapon and piece of armor for each class. 12 in total. That includes a pitchfork and a BBQ flamethrower.. Get us started right NG.. Make it happen or we riot! "the king of wishful thinking "
  • Reminds me of waiting for the new tool or guns n roses album... Soon is the word.. Sometime Obviously Other (than) Now
  • Since I don't have Stu.. I..... Don't have cool down hours.. And I.... Don't take many showers.. I.. I... I just want to look at the flowers.. Since I don't have Stu... And I.. Don't get.. Many stars.. And my..Survivors are drunk at the bars.. I.. I.. I wonder just where you are.. Since I don't have Stu.. Overcome with…
  • The saddest love Story I've ever heard Some say I'm crazy.. Some say I'm mean, Carasmatic yet cunning, With a distinguishing lean, Half is all mine, Including your space, So It's nothing personal When I get in your face. Service with a smile And don't dare break the rules Dwight's an example When they play me a fool, And…
  • It not a copy paste job.. Cookie cutter.. But at least they are responding
  • Official update thread.. (stickied at top) page 16, the moderator quote Shadowkeeper Moderator, Staff July 26 edited July 26 @Ruthless & anyone who asked about the Silenced trait. The Silenced trait was indeed changed. The reason being, if you could combine that with Daryl's Silent Shot as a leader trait, it would be too…
  • Is that a copy and paste job from the post one of the mods put in the thread?
  • We'll.. It's good to know my posts haven't been shadowed.. I didn't buy that bundle.. But I'm looking at the bigger picture.. How many people downloaded this game? Over a million I assume.. So.. Bundle is what 9.99? Let's say 10% of users bought the bundle.. 100,000 And out of those users 1% search the forum and noticed…
  • Richard F'n Nixon "I am not a crook " (flashing double peace aigns) (drops the mic and staggers out)
  • If... You were truely sorry.. The original post from a moderator wouldn't be buried in a thread somewhere.. It would be stickied.. And.. Those shiny little notifications in the top right hand corner of the game.. (you know where you post videos of morons on youtube playing, using the hero's that blatantly have no idea…
  • I've bought 2 gas boosters the past weekend and combined a total of 20 phones in over 250+ missions.. That includes the wall walkers.. They bought license to use the names and likeness of the walking dead characters and probably dropped the radio % long before the update.. (it's like saying that I didn't cheat on you this…