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  • I’ve got about 60 total slots. All heroes except the most recent ones at 1 pink or 2 pinks. Regular Daryl nearest to 3 pink stars but even new scout Daryl at 1* I have at least a 3 pink* survivor in each class, one hunter at 4 pinks and at least one in each other class close to a star upgrade I won’t even play them until…
  • And now everything seems to be back to normal. Something about the weekend event my iPad didn’t like.
  • How is this not a game feature?
  • And an hour later the answer appears to be Neither Message unchanged, upgrade times still at usual (and silly) full day length
  • Wait, was the announcement moved to not say today is eligible for 5 second upgrades or were the game mechanics fixed to match the announcement? Pretty sure I can guess which...
  • I know. But I haven’t even finished watching the last two episodes of the tv show, which are already recorded and just sitting there on one of my DVRs. The grind of the game is only moderately lessened with bigger gas tanks, better XP from the tents, better tomatoes from the farms, etc. The whole thing with Guild Wars just…
  • I don’t think I care what they do. The show jumped the shark this season and the game has become a grind. And now with the imminent release of guild wars, I think that will seal it for me. I’m in a two person guild with my wife and she quit playing a long time ago. I don’t think I have the energy to find a different guild…
  • As opposed to those two cheerleaders catching the falling one.
  • Great - I just started upgrading mine this morning. I guess I’ll save the other 4.5M XP and then wait and see what the new, improved version does. Why didn’t I realize it was going to be a waste? Gullible, I guess....
  • The one time I had all legendary components, I crafted an epic badge. These are here only to keep our minds off how unobtainable radios are.
  • It’s a moot point, anyway. One day, eventually, you’ll get enough Carl tokens to unlock him from his imaginary electronic prison. Then he will join your roster as a bottom tier epic. With lousy gear and no badges, he will cost you millions of XP to upgrade one level every six months, just to keep him at least theoretically…
  • Jerry. Another common or epic hero who I won’t be able to use. Yet, I will wonder what it would have been like to have him lead a group of 2 or 3 star survivors into a specific scenario, benefiting from his unique leader traits. And, really, Ezekiel is his leader. Jerry is the ultimate second banana.
  • I’m just not a fan of 1) wasting all my gas, gold, and time, and 2) watching all my survivors die. The rewards are paltry relative to the investment, of both gold and unlimited gas. I got the first level 22 gold weapon, which I’ll scrap one day soon. Didn’t really see the point of just making myself frustrated. The idea…
  • I’m just outside the city. Maybe I’ll stop by for a visit. I have some business downtown I could schedule and get a twofer.
  • Wow, I didn’t see that Next Games went public earlier this year. A couple small local acquisitions done (presumably aided by the new currency of stock instead of cash), and a couple new games under development. An A/R game and one on Blade Runner (maybe that’s the same game and not two). Very interesting. Also interesting…
  • I started the first week of passes (that could be used to jump ahead) with 6 There was basically no possible way for me to get anywhere near #6 the following week. Normally I hit 1100 stars and I just leave it there. Little incentive to push to 1200+ That first week after I spent my 6 passes, I couldn’t realistically hit…
  • Bored with the game here.
  • Agreed. The gold cost is just silly. Captures the front end of demand, where there is more indifference to cost, but that's a limited market. Or, in economic terms, NG is extracting greater consumer surplus by taking advantage of those with higher price inelasticity of demand, although that is not a long run point of…
  • Meh. I've got 47 level 22's. Nearly all non heroes have one pink star. Two stars for two characters in each class except bruiser, where I have one three star and two one's. Nearly all level 25 gear for all 2/3 stars. About 10 heroes at legendary, most well geared. And, I'm sorry to say I wasn't surprised when the Distance…
  • Scrap it when you get it. I didn't realize you could do that for a while. Used to go in and clean out the equipment from low level stuff every so often. And it was a pain. But if you junk it right away, problem solved. I think it would be useful to set an auto-scrap toggle - anything green or below, I scrap it without ever…
  • This zone is so unbalanced. I've got loads of 2-stars in all classes. Legendary gear, level 25. And I still can't find the right combination for this zone at 27.1 Frustrating.
  • Same issue here. That's why I hopped on the forums, just to see if it was only me.
  • I've had the same thing happen - huge loss of status points after a dropped connection. Way out of proportion to raids won or lost normally.
  • 1 - Tapatio75 was making a joke 2 - Why not just ignore it and move on?
  • Please don't hate me. This is my second 256 Michonne call. The first was months ago and I guess I forgot to take a screenshot. This was the other day. She's still useless to me, of course, but I figure at this rate, sometime in mid-2019, I will get her to a pink star level. And then, maybe, she can go out to do some…
  • Ah, thanks! Still, with no phones, it doesn't matter.
  • What 16 radio call? I only have the same crappy 10 call. Not that not having a 16 call option matters, if you have no phones to use anyway.
  • Ideally every player who is annoyed, happy, or even those who don't even know there was an update ought to have their own individual thread here.
  • Always takes the 10 crates, long delay while it thinks, then crash/reentry back to the camp. Can't get any crates and my 7:00 timer will end in less than an hour. I guess the upside is, I will get some sleep instead of grinding 10,000 boxes for the tokens. I'd rather have the tokens though.