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  • After 4 years, I'm hanging it up. Thanks to all who taught me so much about this game and I hope I was able to give enough back in return. Special shout out to all the Anti Walkers over the years, you know who you are. May the RNG be ever in your favor!
  • Overall, the new GW is much improved. After the Beta, I hope that the Rewards Points are revamped. Harder missions should give greater Rewards points, just as they do for Victory Points.
  • Poker wouldn't be the same if everyone could see the other player's cards. I think opponents attacks should stay hidden, but I would like to see the amount my team has left, as others have suggested.
  • Congrats compadres! It's been fun to be part of this guild.
  • It is in order, left to right, top to bottom.
  • The new Master Mission concept is awesome. I did 7 right away, and had to replay a couple because I hadn't yet practiced these maps. I should have done one round normal or did them on my Alt first, but it was awesome being challenged right away. I think this is really helpful for maxed out end gamers who won't really miss…
  • @ShadowaceAz - The game is rife with glitches and poorly worded explanations, including some that have yet to be fixed. Not every player knows about all of them either, including some that have played this game for years. This game is interesting because players can test and experiment with many heroes and strategies.…
  • @Karajoca - I don't see how it was an advantage since the same conditions existed for everyone - as they will again after this "fix". I don't care whether the trait worked as it did before or as it does after the update, as everyone is playing under the same conditions. I guess I don't see the point of making a big fuss…
  • @Fluxxx - regarding Master Missions, you said the Master mission would rotate so it is the same for everyone. But, everyone starts at different levels, so can you show a table of where map 1 will be the Master mission? In the notes post you referenced 18.1 and 18.2, but since I'm max level my challenge starts on level 18…
  • A game like this should have new maps every challenge, no repeats. It's crazy that the community has accepted otherwise.
    in Big BOSS Comment by rchap September 2019
  • @Burmeliinis - Have you considered that there are 8 badge types instead of 5? Look at your distribution of badges, and consider that flat value badges are a separate type from percentage value. Only Damage, Health and Critical Damage badges have flat values as well as percentage values, so the game may be counting these as…
  • The posted chance applies to each card. So saying you had Morgan shown on 17 calls, means that his card came up 17 times out of 105 chances (35 calls) (assuming he didn't show more than once in each call). That's 16%, which is reasonably close to the posted probability.
  • Larger sample size. I used 700 radios on Morgan and got 960 of his tokens. Seems like the return should be higher.
  • I ran a raid today and grabbed the crate by mistake, before all Defenders were dead. The mission didn't end, but did once I killed the defenders.
  • I'll keep my thoughts short, and not directed at anyone. If you want you use warriors beyond level 40 for entertainment purposes, be my guest. You'll be no threat to the top of the leaderboard.
  • The issue with Lock In @Fluxxx is the fact that you have continuous spawn and no ability to block it. At high levels, that means you are guarsnteed to get seriously damaged and spend gold healing and replaying many times over before you get lucky and beat it. That requires patience and lots of gold, but not much skill. In…
  • Had the same issue. Retire these maps for good please. The reworked maps are worse in my opinion.
  • 2 Council updates a year are fine. But please stop with new heroes or Alt heroes unless you remove some of the useless heroes (most it seems). Hero token dilution is a problem in this game as it is, and I hear of no proposed fixes. I spend regularly on the game and yet I have no heroes with 3 pink stars, even after 3+…
  • @aquila Here it is. The one caveat is that the Hero base value modifiers are not correct. Well, they are for my heroes, but the calculation is a bit more complex. I figured it out, but didn't have time to update the modifier for each hero. It's hard to explain the calculation, but easy enough to show. Also, I didn't…
  • Maybe we should start a thread to post those appearing on leaderboards they shouldn't. See if public shaming works.
  • @iSkyi - I just stumbled on this thread. Never knew what I was doing had a cool name like Theory Casting. I been playing three years and did a lot of testing of mechanics and values early on. @jimmorrison369 and others that no longer play were very helpful. I created a calculator in Excel for combat values and tested it…
  • It's high time NG published the mechanics and values for how traits, abilities and combat is calculated. There is no legitimate reason not to do so. With the way Luck works, you now have examples of NG representatives telling the player base completely contradictory statements about how it works and is calculated. You can…
  • I have crafted about 5,000 badges, and I can confidently say there are no recipes. I usually craft with one of each component and I have tons of legendary DR badges, more than I can use. I stopped trying to track recipes after about 2,000 badges, because it is pointless. Maybe NG wanted to program recipes, but they never…
  • Thanks for clarifying @jimmorrison369 . I missed that part.
  • I had health badges crafted before the update that were 24%, but with no bonus, so the chart posted above is not accurate for Health badges. For DR, I crafted a badge at 23% after the update, so that category is also incorrect.
  • Those scores seem legit to me. Highest I ever say was 1200+, and a few have topped 1000. The biggest boost for those players comes from playing on an iPhone. It can allow a good player to score several hundred more. I have a Samsung Android phone and top out in the high 600's, but with an iPhone I could score about 900.
  • All badge types are possible at 5 star. Your ranges are also not correct. If you need data, I'm attaching screenshots of my legendary badges.
  • What is best for NG? Think like their CEO. Which approach gives them the best chance to increase revenue? There's your answer.
  • I agree with Mario. 7 day booster please. It's a means to really boil down the player base to the hardcore committed players. Lol! We should all be committed if we lose round passes again. I guess I'll quit my job and just be an NG beta tester. Hell, they don't even have to pay for that! Lol! I feel like Clark Griswold…