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  • I love it, this game needs a good healer
I think adding this to his current leader trait would make him a pretty good bruiser. He’d have 2 parts like Eugene, a part of Eugene reduces damage taken by quite a lot while the other part protects him from stuns. T-Dog on the other hand would deal more damage and have some protection against bleeding. 
  • So when she uses her charge attack instead of just healing herself you’d gain a small med kit that would let you chose who you want to heal. That’s a very cool idea!!
  • Some kind of adventure mode like this would be fun. 
  • I was looking forward to playing with a bruiser that could attack 2 different enemies at the end of enemy turn 😕
  • That would be an interesting addition, currently melees are stronger than ranges vs all types of walkers. With radioactive walkers we’d have at least one type of walker that counters melee heroes. They could make some interesting mapsets where melees are bad and ranges are a must.
  • Love your ideas, they’d be really good in different situations. Magna’s my favorite, I think she’d be lots of fun to play! Sniper Morgan would deal massive damage with Yumiko as the leader.
  • I’d love to see Negan’s LT changed to this @Fluxxx
  • Submission #3 Title: Swarmed Dimensions: 7x14 Objectives: Protect the leader and get to safety in the cabin. Description: The leader is stuck, buy him time (4 turns) so he can free himself. After that, you must open the door (2 turns) and get to safety inside the cabin. - Every turn an increasing amount of walkers will…
  • Submission #2 Title: Escape room Objectives: Find an escape and kill the tough walker Dimensions: 7X14 Description: You’re being chased by a herd of walkers, you enter a house and find yourself trapped. You need to find a way to escape. There’s 3 doors you can escape through but only one of them can be opened. The one that…
  • Submission #1 Title : Beach Party Objective : Kill all walkers Description: I made a map where you need to explore to kill all walkers. At the beginning you have 2 paths, a wider area with a herd of normal walkers and a narrowed path with a spiked walker and a couple of normal walkers. After clearing a path you can clear…