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  • @Alibaba : it was no offense ;-) difference is (example) 14 days - reset - 13 days - fix - 1 day - live With timeframe: 14 days timeframe - fix - full 14d to have 100% fix ;-) They do it with the timeframe of 14d because with hard resets after 14d the ranking would jump even more, especially on the 14. day. With the…
  • @DarkFae same here. But iam afraid that the motivation drops if this bugs will not eliminate fast. Its a little bit unrewarding to drop of the top10, top20 even of the top50 because of bugs. Also recruiting is easier with a good rank. @Alibaba it does not reset every 14d. Its a timeframe of 14d. That is not the same. That…
  • @eetu @zoson same here. star count in guild ok, personal leaderboard also, only the calculation in the guild leaderboard seems to be broken.
  • we are at 3100 stars but are droped of the top50. please have a look, anything does not work correct. guild name: dead angels
  • if you need help iam ready ;-) was several years admin of my own forum (1999-2009), and i have much knowledge to share regarding this game. also my native language is german (good to have, large customer group)
  • haha... nutze einen Sturmsoldaten + Jaeger und Krieger.... brauchst zwingend Area Dmg.
  • Connection lost if i search for a raid... :-1:
  • > Please tell me I did not lose my survivors had two different cases with a similiar issue with the following results: 1. small rewind 2. mission complete screen 3. evers walker on screen dead 4. positions of survivors/walkers changed but a injury or anything like that happened not.
  • i like it. dont complain now everything. they messed it up, but thats nothing to worry about.
  • Same problems with gas and TG if no enemy was found. And my game crashes very often now (only in the outpost feature, every few clicks). Iam using a nexus 7 (2013) with android 6.0.1. Edit: 6 tries. Everytime player came online... Thats silly. Think its bugged like hell. Damn. Edit2: with try 8 i got to the loading screen…