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  • What do you mean "everyone figured shapes by now"? Has someone released info regarding what Components have a better chance for certain shapes?
  • Not sure if this question has been asked or answered: Do Badges apply when your Survivors are defending the Outpost? And if they do apply, do the Bonuses apply also? I recently added some Badges to a Survivor with Bonuses if they have a Hunter in their party. I have that Survivor and a Hunter guarding the Outpost, but the…
  • SWEET. Thanks @paintbeast for the confirmation!
  • Question regarding the "Double XP" side of this weekends event: I was holding onto my "Update Gift" (24hr Gas & 24hr Double XP) so that I can use it this weekend when I had more time to play. Does this mean I would get x4 XP if I activate it during the event? By the looks of the screen shot above, TJS also has their Gift…
  • Hey, I wanted to bump this up as I still think the community really needs some statistics (or ANSWERS... NextGames...) on what Components do to the outcome of the crafted Badge. Also, I would suggest adding a "Position" column to the Google Doc so we can record what Position the output Badge is (1-6). I would do this…
  • There's another discussion thread (in General > [Data Collection] Badges) where people are pooling together data from what they've crafted with and what the outcome was. So far, it appears that there is no rhyme or reason for using the same Components to output specific Badge Sets, Traits, etc. There are some similarities,…
  • Can we get a Lori character too? Her special Leader Trait could be turning the other two team members against each other!
  • Does anyone know when the 2.8 update will take place? I have not tried to "Wrestle" my way through The Distance before. But with the impeding nerf on the horizon, am curious to try it before I no longer have the chance. However, if the update is coming soon, there's no point for me to upgrade low-level armor with Wrestler…
  • If you go into the Craftsman and tap on the "!" in the top right of the Crafting Tab, it specifically says "The Components you use will affect the Badges you create." So they can't be COMPLETELY random. Right? RIGHT?!?!?!!? Like JackBauer said, otherwise it makes no sense to offer 4 different things. PLUS, the fact that…
  • Got it... Thanks again guys! Very helpful!
  • Thanks guys! What benefits does the Leader have that Elders don't?
  • The idea of scrapping Weapons and Armor into Components is a nice idea, reminds me of Fallout Shelter. Though, I wouldn't want Components and Fragments to get TOO easy to obtain. Then everyone will go Badge crazy and create super survivors with massive upgrades.
  • I think this idea is an ABSOLUTE MUST! I don't think of myself as a higher-level player, but I don't have much use for 1- and 2-star Badges. I don't even want to bother crafting Badges with lower-level Components, knowing they wont be worth much, but we can't just sell Components either. Resulting in a mass stock-pile of…
  • The Badges Tab sorta helps with sorting your Survivors. You can at least see who already has which Set types equipped, and which Badges in that set are not yet equipped. Would be nice if you can click on the Badges that are equipped and be taken directly to that Survivors page, allowing you to equip new Badges. Instead of…